Kicking off Marketed Live with Biz Paul’s Turbo Nottingham Headshots Session


Paul is the Founder of LikeMind Media.  His creative agency serves an array of different businesses with Social Media, Video, Copywriting and Ghost Writing services. In addition to this, Paul is also the founder of the annual MarketEd Live event.  This is a Nottingham based event aimed at other creative agencies and related service providers.  What I like about MarketEd Live is that each year Paul has a new theme.  Our theme for 2018 was the future of Marketing.  All of the speakers delivered their predictions and insights on this.  It was the perfect time to shoot with Paul on some Event Headshots in Nottingham.


I met Paul briefly at this year’s Social Media Marketing World.  Some of you may recall my sharing just how ill I was during this event, so I was nowhere near my usual networking and partying self.  If I had been on form, I am sure that I would have a witty tale to share about Paul and me in San Diego about now.  But I’m sorry I don’t.

Paul’s Original Headshot
Chris Marr speaker headshots photography

I got back in touch with Paul early this summer to find out if there was any way we could work together in capturing MarketEd Live.  We planned for me to be the official photographer of the event, and to get a quick Turbo Headshots Session in together before the Event merriment kicked off.


Paul had very limited time in the run-up to MarketEd Live, so the turbo element of this headshots service came into its own.  I was able to plan in a route for us to walk and shoot near enough to the event venue so that he was on his shoot and on standby for co-ordination at the same time.


From our planning, using a LOT of voice bubbles in Facebook messenger in the run-up to the event, Paul and I developed some key Event Headshots themes to work with.

  • Serial Entrepreneur Vibes – As you have just read, Paul is a successful serial entrepreneur. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more new ventures and businesses developing over the near future with Paul at the helm or in the shadows.  This kind of entrepreneur has a certain unique energy.  I wanted to shoot that.
  • Britishness – This year’s MarketEd Live saw a surge in International attendees. Paul’s casual approach needed to have a flavour of how he comes across to this new international audience.  A chilled, humorous British Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Casual Style – With the common stereotype of a British businessman still somewhere near to Monty Python or a Magritte bowler hat painting, I wanted to work with Paul in his casual approach to smash this stereotype to pieces.
Golconda by Renee Magritte


I checked into my hotel room for the duration of MarketEd Live and took a disco nap.  The power of short bursts of intense silence and calm really helps me to focus when I’m at conferences.  I have been adding more meditation and disco naps to improve my alertness and focus.  It completely works.

Paul let me know by voice bubble when and where he’d be able to fit in his Turbo and we agreed to meet in the lobby to get cracking.  Witty Nott’s vibes provided as our soundtrack thanks to Ady here:


To begin with, we shot whilst heading towards the centre of Nottingham.  There are some quintessentially British marks along the way including a classic red phone box and a double post box.  So these were great starting points to capture that light-hearted Britishness angle.

Paul Ince Turbo Headshots

It became quickly clear to me that Biz Paul is a secret smoulderer.  I loved pushing this new-found skill throughout the posing part of our shoot as well as making sure we got Paul’s friendly, happy, smiling personality in there too.

Paul Ince Turbo Headshots

Fantastic Cartwheel Coffee let us make use of their beautiful street chill area.  As Paul is often on the road finding the very latest trends in the fast-paced Digital World, I wanted to show him in his natural habitat.  He was chatting with 3 different people as this shot was taken.

Paul Ince Turbo Headshots

I love the city of Nottingham.  For me, there is a wonderful unique fusion between Olde English City mixed with Urban-Flava and delivered with its own vintage vibe.  This textured wall was covering up some building work going on in the town centre.  I loved the way it was drinking up the natural light, so we had Paul do his smoulder here.


The venue of this years MarketEd Live was held at Nottingham Contemporary.  I really love the futurist architecture of this building.  As we were shooting around the outside of this building Paul had a call that he was needed inside to approve a backdrop.

Paul Ince Turbo Headshots

We headed in and on the way completed our session with some unusual lighting, and scale shots of Paul within the futurist space.

Paul Ince Turbo Headshots
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Paul upgraded his service so that he could be more involved in the selection process.  He had some clear ideas for the new LikeMind Media website (coming very soon) and he wanted to make sure images would feel right with his wider brand message.

With a very speedy selection, his new turbo event Nottingham headshots were ready in no time.



I would officially like to thanks Nottingham Contemporary for being so cool with us shooting a section of this Nottingham headshots session inside their incredible space.

Chris Marr speaker headshots photography


A huge thanks going out to the folks at Cartwheel Coffee shop.  Thanks for being so friendly, so accommodating and helping us get the shots we needed.  Next time you are in Nottingham, head-on into this cafe for a great cup of Joe.


I asked Paul to tell you about the Turbo service.  Here’s what happened:


If you want this too this is what to do next.


You can head directly to my Gallery to see more of my clients’ results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.


If you are a details kind of person, you need to know how my different services work.  This is the brochure to download for all that jazz.

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