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Take Control Of Your Personal Branding

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Most Common Objections To Using Personal Branding Include

  • Is it appropriate to share this on social?
  • Will people know a little too much about me?
  • I know I'd be better doing a Personal Brand approach but I'm no reality star.

Then It Goes Into Something Along The Lines Of

  • I'm a good person with more about me than the average reality star.
  • In order to level up my career, I need a stronger personal brand.
  • I need to open up a bit more to build my audience online.

That's OK! You Are Not Alone

  • The best personal branding is built with self-preservation in mind. It is possible to really know a person without knowing everything about them.
  • Do you really know what Oprah's favourite fruit is?
  • Do you really know how many times a year your fave business guru had an upset stomach?

If You Don't Know Me Yet

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’ve shot Brand Photography for over 400 different Entrepreneurs and Influencers all over the world.

Using my skills and experience in Creative Direction and Brand Strategy means that when it comes to us planning the best photoshoot of your business life so far, we can make sure that this is not going to be just another "nice set of images" that you can kick out across your social media a couple of times.

Real brand photography works on your behalf. When we shoot on this level we can not only set you up with an image bank that is going to get those likes coming in thick and fast on social but give you the exact right visual assets you need to make your mark in your market. Images that help articulate exactly why you do what you do, and, who you do it for the best.

Laura - Services2

Hi! I'm Laura Pearman

Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Brand Photographer

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