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I'm excited to reveal Jo's Pilates Instructor Headshots results this week!

It's not uncommon for people who work in the fitness and wellness world to really struggle with getting their marketing just right. With very, very powerful big influencers operating in this space, you're gonna be getting bombarded with a lot of watered-down versions of the same message that they're putting out. I bet right now you can think of a social media influencer who operates in:

  • Yoga,
  • Pilates,
  • Metafit
  • or Online Personal Training.

And there's a really strong chance that people who work in your neighbourhood are kinda copying what they're doing. Join me today on a Turbo Pilates Instructor Headshots session with Jo Proctor. Also known as Little Mis-Fit JoJo.

Are You In The Fitness & Wellness World?

If you work in the fitness and wellness world, then I am willing to bet that there is a strong chance that when it comes to anything to do with marketing you get bored and irritated, and then find something else to do because you want to procrastinate on it.

  • More workouts.
  • More nutrition.
  • Anything except marketing!
  • Now, if I'm wrong about you, and you absolutely love marketing in your fitness or wellness business, then you're probably the person that is the anomaly that proves the rule.

How We Met

On today's episode, I am with Pilates instructor Jo Proctor from Little Mis-Fit JoJo. She has taken all the right rebranding steps, in the right order, to put herself in a really strong position within her market. Jo is one of the many fitness and wellness professionals that I've worked with over my years as a Branding Expert & Brand Photographer.

What I ❤️ About Fitness & Wellness Peeps

I really love working with people in this industry. As they professionally move their bodies for a living, they make for naturally great posers, even the shy ones! I met Joanne online. She completed my five-day #LoveYaSelfie Challenge.

Now, if you want to get better at shooting your own selfies as an addition to your headshots, or perhaps as a little introduction to get yourself warmed up for professional photography, then you should 100% do this challenge.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

If you like the idea of levelling up your own photography on your own time, with your phone then why not take my #LoveYaSelfie Challenge?

To sign up, just pop your details in here and I'll send you the first email to begin.

It's A Small World

When we got talking together, as a result of Jo doing my challenge, we quickly found out that Jo had been working with another one of my clients, Yvonne Radley from the Dream Life Academy.

Can you remember her very glamorous shoot that we did together in Marbella a couple of years ago?

Pilates Instructor Headshots Inspiration

As soon as I found out that Jo and Yvonne had been working together, I knew that there was a very strong chance that she'd been doing everything in the right way, and in the right order.

And, I was right!

A Great Tip!

As part of planning for her session, I got Jo to do a little exercise that I ask for a lot of my new clients. I got her to ask all of her clients to give her feedback about why they love her so much. They were telling her that:

  • They absolutely love the atmosphere that she created during class time.
  • Other clients reported that they felt like it was a weekly retreat and a perfect way to get a little bit of me-time in an otherwise very hectic weekly schedule.

And More Active Listening

She also learned that she has some catchphrases that she wasn't really very aware of before:

  • Now pulse it.
  • Keep breathing lasses!
  • And, Just eight more!

This kind of direct market research is a really great way to establish some basic knowledge from people who already know, like, and trust you, when it comes to thinking about how you can make your brand even more personal and unique to you.

Let's Take A Look At My Favourite Image From This Session

What I love so much about this image is it was shot "at the moment." So I literally just said to Jo,

"Can you do a headstand or a handstand?"

She was like,

"Yep, sure, no problem."

Up she went!

Then we did a little bit of playing around with her facial expression and she started laughing at me.

And then this is what we managed to catch.

The Decisive Moment

It's really interesting when I think about it because you can go into a shoot and do all the planning and background work, and it's really to try and create these types of moments that are just in the mood and in the essence. And you can kind of get to the point where you just wait for them to happen, and you've just gotta be ready.

And I think that's why I love this so much. So here's Jo doing a handstand, showing you the benefit of what it's like to work out regularly with her.

With Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank the following businesses for their support and contribution toward the results of this shoot.

TayloredFit, County Durham

Thanks so much for letting me film and shoot there! We really appreciate it.

Lips Hairdressing

Great hairdressing was created by Lips Hairdressing.

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