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Unleash your smouldering siren upon the world

What makes you sexy?

First of all, yes. There’s an assumption in that question. And you know what? I don’t care.

Yes, I know that as women we’re supposed to be pathologically self-conscious about our wrinkles/bingo wings/thighs/ankles/hair/left butt cheek, and desperate to fit into a model of perfection like we’re auditioning for bloody Crufts or something.

But you are more than a collection of body parts. You are sexy, just as you are. And what makes you sexy is the fact that it’s you.

VIP Pin Up Experience Day

Pin-Up photography & Capturing your personality

I fell in love with pin-up because I’m a feminist. And where other so-called “erotic” images, from Page 3 to Playboy to (*throws up a little in mouth*) boudoir seemed to be about trying to homogenise women, pin-up wanted to liberate them.

The pin-up photography that I love is colourful, witty, lush and powerful. I bring those qualities to every shoot I do, and I can’t wait to share them with you.



Get that pin-up confidence

My favourite part of a Pin-up Photoshoot? The end. When I see the woman strutting back out into the real world, totally secure in her own
ready to take on everything. Hold on to your pants, world!

We’ll spend the day making you feel powerful and confident and sexy. And once you’ve seen yourself in that way, you can’t un-see it. It’ll stay with you, giving you confidence and strength whenever you need it.

That’s why people keep coming back to do pin-up photoshoots: it changes the way you look at yourself.


Looking for a Pin-Up Bloke

By the way, I know that I’ve been talking about Pin-up Photography from the perspective of women here. And it is true that the vast majority of people who want to be photographed this way are women.

But I’d love to find a bloke who with the cajones to do a pin-up photoshoot. If you’re a guy, or you know a guy, who’s up for it, I’ll give you a good deal and make you look incredibly hot.

What to expect when you come on a Pin-Up Photoshoot

Okay, bit of housekeeping. Private sessions can be booked by contacting me and setting up a 121 appointment. We can work from a studio setting, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

We’ll arrange lights, make up, and give you advice on posing. We can also talk about outfits, and make sure that you feel completely happy with everything we plan to do.

Pinup Photoshoots

Transatlantic Pin-up Photography

I’ve started a Pin-up project on both sides of the pond, and I want all of my pin-up blossom sirens to join me in this party!  This has kicked off with the exciting viral SlapBack Collaboration that you can see across social media and here.