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Why Boudoir Sucks

Why I don’t do boudoir photography – and neither should you!

Want a sexy picture? Time to ditch the boudoir.


Confession time. My name is Laura, I’m a photographer – and I hate boudoir photography.


Don’t get me wrong: I love sexy. Whether you’re making something fabulous for your partner, or you just want to capture the supreme sexiness that is ab-so-lutely a part of who you are (yes it is. Don’t argue.), I’m all about sexy images.


But it drives me crazy (and not in the good way) that people think of boudoir as their only option.


And just to be clear: it’s not. It’s not even the best option. I’m on a crusade to help you ditch the boudoir, and find something way, way better.


Boudoir photography – The Coldplay of Sex


So here’s my problem with boudoir:  it’s bland.  Sure, there are wonderful boudoir photographers out there, but for the most part, it’s all soft focus, black and white, and off-the-shelf.


You don’t get to put your personality into the pictures, and that makes me very angry. Your personality is what makes you sexy.  That’s why people don’t date mannequins. (Y’know, mostly.)


Again, I’m sure there are some beautiful boudoir images out there.  But when I look at boudoir, I see photographers trying to squash and shape women (and men) into a tired old archetype.


Boudoir photography has a one-size-fits-all approach to what’s sensual and alluring. It’s like the Coldplay of sexy photos – generic, bland, safe and everywhere.



Where are the faces in boudoir?


Don’t believe me? Google “Boudoir Photography” and click on the “images” tab.

boudoir photography


Two things jump out at me here. Firstly, it’s so monochrome it’s like watching the first ten minutes of the Wizard of Oz.


Secondly, where the hell are all the faces? This is supposed to be a personal image, celebrating your gorgeousness, and eight of the first ten photos are actively trying to obscure the model’s face.


There’s something really objectifying about these photos. Like, literally, they turn the subjects into objects. This makes me dizzy  with righteous anger.


Boudoir photography doesn’t care who you are or what makes you hot. It’s all about trying to make you fit an idea. And I can’t be doing with it.


Bored of Boudoir? Come play with Pin-up!


So, I don’t do boudoir. But I do do sexy. And for me, there’s a much, much better way.


It’s called pin-up. And you should make it your next photoshoot.


Everything I hate about boudoir – the monotony, the genericness, the lack of personality – is totally flipped on its head in pin-up.


To show you what I mean, let’s try the Google test on “Pin-up photography”:

pinup photography



Look at all the choices these women have made! The colours, the outfits, the props! You want to perch your butt on a giant cupcake? Anything’s possible with pin-up.


And look at how happy they are! How confident! These aren’t the headless mannequins from boudoir – these women are kick-ass, powerful and totally comfortable in their own hotness.


That’s why I don’t do boudoir. Boudoir is stuffy, and it doesn’t want to play.


But pin-up? Pin-up is as sensual and lascivious and silly and magnificent as a good love affair. Come join us, won’t you?


Book your pin-up shoot and find your inner sultry siren.