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Headshots & Selfie Analysis

October 3, 2018


Get Laura’s creative first impressions of the way you appear to your target audience online.  It’s honest, personal and always 100% constructive.


Like the headshots analysis but even deeper.  As well as Laura providing you with a fully personalised video of her creative interpretation of what your headshots are saying about you, she goes one step further and takes a pass at your current selfies work.

Recorded live as Laura looks at your social media and online presence, she provides you with constructive feedback and gives you plenty of fresh ideas on how you can be working your headshots and selfie game into a coherent strategy as part of your personalised brand.  Have your prospects become raving fans who clamour to buy from you time and time again, all with the power of sensational varied photography.

You can keep this video to replay to your team and creative suppliers over and over again.

Additional information

Bespoke Video

A personalised video recording of Laura speaking to you as she navigates your online headshots and selfies presence on a variety of sites and social media.
Play this back over and over to your future creative suppliers.

Bespoke Creative

Laura adds some of her ideas and suggestions for ways to make more use of exiting visual assets as well as giving you some creative direction to add to your brand power.