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The Headshots Moodboarding Service

August 8, 2018


Get some creative inspiration to use within your branding guidelines for your headshots and wider photography strategy.  THE next step following a graphical re-brand.


So you have had a new logo redesigned.  You know your brand colours, your custom fonts.  What’s next?  Living and breathing your brand baby!  Have Laura wave her magic wand over your current graphical foundation to develop this great work into your photographic moodboard.  This is the best way to ensure that all photographers you hire (no matter what expertise they bring) will provide you with coherent, on-brand visual assets that you can rock online, on social and throughout your business.  Become your brand.

Additional information

Consult with Laura

30 Minute consultation with you online about your brand now, and to develop a clear emotional understanding of your brand aims.

Bespoke Design of Ideas

Laura designs all of your brand photographic prompts into a single work of art. This moodboard serves as a visual reference point to make sure that all your creative freelancers get a real understanding of your personal brand message. Expect to see power words, textures, colours, poses, location reference points and a solid sense of the energy of your brand. Let Laura curate the creativity for you.

Commercial Licence To Use

Laura provides you with enough copyright release to use this creative throughout your business as you need. This is provided to you in a legally binding licence release document.