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The Selfie Consult Service

October 3, 2018


Have a discussion with Laura online about how your occasional selfie sharing can become a strategic part of your branding message.


A 30minute Selfie Consult Service with Laura to take a creative look at your existing selfie game. ┬áDuring this call, Laura comes up with some new creative ideas on how you can begin to develop a selfie strategy that is both easy to follow and effective for your business needs. ┬áThis consultation is followed up with Laura’s findings, in writing, so you are able to implement her new ideas with ease into your day to day life.

Additional information

30 Minute Online Meeting

A 30minute online consultation with Laura to decipher your existing selfie presence and formulate some bespoke ideas on how you can develop this into a new converting selfie strategy.

Your Strategy Document

All followed up with a high-level strategy document you can refer back to.