Brand Building Programme

Build your Brand With The Right Expert Guidance On Your Schedule

Get Involved with Expert Brand Building To Run Your Business On Your Terms

Rolling up your sleeves and getting into building your own brand is a perfect fit if you like the look of my courses collection, but you want to stick to a set timeline, and you want some of my expert input, guidance and accountability along the way.

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Every cohort is hand-picked by me to make sure that the group working through this Programme will gel and can continue to support one other way beyond this joined experience.

If you're interested in finding out all of the details put you name on my waitlist and we will be in touch to arrange a Zoom call together to tell you all about how it works.

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Don't Want To Wait? Take Inspired Action TODAY!

I have limited places available in my On Her Terms group. This group of Expert #FemaleFounders get access to:

  • My Firm & Fair Monthly Accountability
  • My International Network (lovingly built over the last 10 years+).
  • Networking with each other
  • My 1:1 Creative Swiss Army Knife repertoire of Expertise & Wisdom on your business.

To see if this is right for you, waste no time at all and let's have a quick chat to see if this is right for you. This takes just 30 minutes. You can book yourself in now below.

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