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Copywriting Speaker

Meet My Client!

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter.  He speaks on this as well as his experiences from writing and publishing his own books.  Ray helps a huge number of entrepreneurs to improve their wider communications strategy by writing copy that sells them.  This usually involves some carefully guided introspection.  Ray is the master of this. We just had to catch some speaker photography of him.

Ray booked my services on a private recommendation, through a secretive Facebook group (that I’ve been trying to get access to for a while).  The power of ‘Word of Mouth’ never ceases to amaze me!

Ray’s #SMMW18 Workshop

Following a couple of DM’s on my Facebook page, Ray booked me.  I briefly covered the way I shoot for my speakers and Ray simply gave me his faith.

Copywriting Speeker

Planning Speaker Photography Takeaways

From the brief planning that I did with Ray, a quick and concise brief developed that included some key factors.  I knew that it was crucial to involve and include the following factors in his shoot:

  • Workshop Dynamic: Rays talk fell into a Social Media Marketing World Workshop format. This is different from the typical set-up as its two-way.  Crowd participation is part of the delivery of these coveted slots.  In photographic terms, this would mean following Ray’s movements around the room like a hawk.
  • Scale Shots: Like I just said, these workshops are a huge deal in the Social Media Marketing World Conference line-up. This means big crowds.  Getting the scale of this through the right photography would give Ray some great visual assets he can use along with that great copy.
  • Busy Schedule: Every time I have been in touch with Ray before, during and after this session he has been in a different place (sometimes time zone). Accommodating the service side of my delivery would support Ray’s busy schedule.

Ray’s Copywriting Speaker Shoot

Kicking off the entire conference through a select number of workshops is part of Ray’s annual role at Social Media Marketing World.  Embodying those months of excited anticipation and getting the party officially started is no easy task.

San Diego Convention Centre

Ray has a great high energy style of speaking and he ‘started it up’ by running up to the stage whilst filming his vlog simultaneously.

Copywriting Speaker
SMMW18 Headshots Service

Ray moved all over the room for the workshop he delivered.  Audience participation was phenomenal!

Speaker Photography

High Energy and Engagement

As expected, Ray worked the whole room during his workshop session.  He was all over the stage and then out in the crowd to check in with audience members as they were honing their newly improved sales copy.

Copywriting Speaker
SMMW18 Headshots Service
Copywriting Speaker
SMMW18 Headshots Service

Extra Thanks To

Huge thanks to those that introduced Ray and me in the lead up to Social Media Marketing World.  I really appreciate it!

Social Media Examiner, California

If you would like to join the party next year Ray and I shall be there again.  You can get your early bird tickets secured right here.

What About You?

If you are a pro speaker and you want to keep levelling-up with some pro photography of yourself in action, you need to know where to go next.

Get Some More Inspo

You can head directly to the Speaker Gallery to see more of my Speaking clients’ results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.

Shoot On-Location

If you are planning to be on the road, why don’t we see if our travel schedules meet? This is a great way to document your travels as a content creating entrepreneur.

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