Here’s What to Expect from a Sealed with a Branded Kiss Subscription

💋 Lessons about branding, creativity and all things photography

💋 Accountability to challenge you to be THE BEST and MOST ORIGINAL brand in your world

💋 Inspiration and easy-to-implement fresh ideas

💋 Insider updates from behind-the-scenes of my business

PLUS… Lots of silly stories DESIGNED to make you smile at the funny side of life, as well as get to know me better.

You’re in the right place if…

What brought you here today is about you getting yourself some more

  • Help
  • Guidance
  • Support
  • Information & Ideas

because you want to keep doing the right things, in the right order to build a successful brand that is strictly on your terms.

This is precisely what the Sealed with a Branded Kiss Subscription is all about.

what an email looks like after you choose to sign up for the Sealed with a Branded Kiss Subscription

Frequency & NOT Getting on Your Nerves

In the spirit of being fully transparent about how much of me you can expect in your inbox from here on in (marketing skullduggery is high up on my list of pet peeves).

You can expect a brief email from me most weeks, on Fridays at lunchtime when you are in the mood to kick back with a fresh cuppa or snack to see out the end of your week. Optimum timing for me to plant a seed of an idea or inspo in your brain that you can let percolate on the back burner of your mind so that by Monday you will be ready to take action.

From time to time the frequency of emails may change. This is always related to timebound events that crop up on the schedule that I think will be useful for you. In any of these timely updates, I will give you the option to opt out to return your subscription to the simple weekly version.

And, if at any time you want to unsubscribe from your Sealed with a Branded Kiss Subscription, the option is there for you at the bottom of every single email.