Season Three – All The Bloopers

Watch This Episode of MwahTV Featuring All of The Best Bloopers From Season Three

It's Bloopers Time! Taking a moment on the show today to laugh at myself with you.

Every week the Mwah TV team tell me I’m a hoot-n-a-half when recording the show. I’ve always resisted sharing this angle for fear of not being taken seriously as a content creator. Please join me in a well-spirited laugh at my idiosyncrasies’. I hope that this inspires more viewers to just go for it in creating more imperfect content in their own right.


Even when a lot of the time you feel like you’re going a little mad talking to a camera on your own.

The Bloopers

Most commonly, a personal brand is recommended to any business owner, who...

(laughs) Most commonly, a personal brand approach is recommended.


We Sneeze

(sneezes) I'm all over the place.

We Make Bloopers

Reading on your, sixth step.

We Drink

Ooh, that's strong.

I'm gonna be absolutely bladdered after drinking this.

We Make Mistakes

By curating other people's content on your social media, (clapping) Engagement is up by 56%. Reach (clapping and sighing).

If you're like me and you are...

(breathing heavily)

100% or better than that, blah, blah, blah.

To do with the Brit prop. When a business has experienced rapid growth.

We Belch

(burps) sorry.

We Make Bloopers

Not altogether ethically, blah, blah, blah.

Nightmare worms, a can of organisational worms. A complicated can of organisational worms.

We Have Shadey Pets

(cat meows).

Suki, no.

We Make Mistakes

Of an influencer's influence, by analysing.

We Drink

Oh, that's good.

But I'm really passionate about the feminist movement in today's current climate.

We Yawn

(yawns) oh, God.

We Swear

I'm now gonna be (beep) for this next recording.

I do actually have fancy gin glasses. But you know, where are they? They're at the back of the cupboard. Any glass will do. (laughter).

Let's drink up. Ooh, let's drink up.


We Make Lots and Lots of Bloopers

Come on, Laura!

In particular, when that comes to...

In order to find the perfect microinf...

I asked the people who brought you, who, did you take the time to ask the people who brought your...

If you ask those people who brought you on...

Bought, not brought, Jesus!

Stupid. Stupidity has gone mad.

Let’s just cut it there.

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What's Next on #MwahTV?

The latest collection of news bulletin episodes that have been playing out each week to you have been made for a very specific reason.

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I also wanted to document an alternative approach to Content Re-Purposing. But most importantly I wanted to make space for creating Season 4 of Mwah TV which will be back same time same place as always here.

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I've intentionally left my very first YouTube episode recordings up in the public domain as my way to inspire anyone who is looking to build their brand with Content Creation.

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