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I Made You This Video

This Isn't Like An Ordinary Guest Spot

The most important point on this for Mwah TV is that the main driver behind the style of my show is that I want to push the envelope. I want more people to see first-hand what being more creative with their content looks and feels like.

So, the quality of the recording is crucial.

The style and feel of your appearance are also important.

If You Need New Kit For This Recording

I always recommend making the best use of what equipment you have. If however, you know that what you have is not going to give you the best appearance on the show, here is a list of all the recording equipment I use to make MwahTV.

you will be given guidance and exact specifications on how to record your segment.

Videography Placeholder

My Inspo References - Overall Mood Of Your Appearance

Tongue-in-cheek Chatshow

Off-The-Cuff But With Hollywood Dazzle

Q&A - Where this trend rocks on The Tube

Gaggable Bright Colour & Sass

The Cocktail Bit

I love cookery shows! I’m not quite at the point with my production where I can flambe and have you cracking an egg next to me – maybe one day we will get there, and you can absolutely come back and be a guest.

Instead, I added a cocktail element to my correspondent episodes. The cookery portion of this is done entirely remotely. You just need to pick out a cocktail or mocktail that hasn’t already been featured on the show – there is a link to see what has already been mixed in your script and there is a button to this below for you to navigate to after you played this video.

My Inspo References - Behind The Cocktail in Your Appearance

Fast forward to 10mins to see Jilly Goolden at her best.

Poor Sarah.

Foodporn at its finest.

My Inspo References - Behind The Cocktail in Your Appearance

Which Cocktail Will We Have During Your Correspondence Appearance?

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Bits To Remember

  • I record the ingredients and the making of this cocktail on my side.
  • You'll be explaining how this is mixed in your voice (you will see this in your script).
  • You need to make sure that you have the exact same cocktail in hand when you record your portion of the show.
  • Many guests have chosen to cheat this, especially guests who have kids and need to do a school run after work is over. If the cocktail you have in your hand looks like the one, I mix – this is perfectly fine.
  • If you want to have a real hard cocktail in your hand when you record for Dutch courage – that is perfectly fine too.
  • Mocktails are also fine to select if you don't drink alcohol.

The Script Bit

  • I’m going to email you a partially filled in script.
  • I highlight the bits you need to worry about in yellow to make this as easy as possible.
  • I like to script out word for word what I say in all episodes of Mwah TV. You can use this document to flesh out your own parts of this script to do the same. Or if you prefer to use bullet points to keep you on track, that's ok too.
  • I ask intentionally open-ended questions so that you can take the floor and really showcase and dazzle about what you know. This is THE PERFECT way to "pepper in" mention of any key call to action or to promote your business. It feels conversational and organic to the watcher.
  • I welcome all cheesy cuts that you want to use here. If you want to tell me in your recording that you want me to ask questions about an offer – say so in your recording and I will film around you.
Script Preview

what the script document looks like

The Cards Bit

I need you to pick 5 topics from this list. We use these to have you showcase your zone of genius in a fun conversational way. If you want to, you can forfeit one of these cards and have me share my thoughts and views on that 5th topic, or we can have a back n fourth chat about this together.

  1. Working for free to earn your stripes
  2. Confidence Scares & War Wounds
  3. Going with your gut
  4. Burnout as a Creative Entrepreneur
  5. Collaboration. Complete Nightmare or Creative Sparks?
  6. Breaking free of the man
  7. Copycats. A Blessing or a Curse?
  8. Giving Newbies a Leg Up
  9. Niching as a Creative
  10. The Art of Pricing
  11. Building Your Team
  12. Being a fresh face in Creative - what not to do
  13. Art Vs money - where is the compromise?
  14. The moronic inferno and our responsibility as creatives to fight beige ideas
  15. Just going for it as an Independent Creative
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