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Talking Business Portrait timeline management this week. As well as being my business coach, Tiana has taught me a tonne about how to manage and own the hell out of time.  Cos lets face it if you don’t run it, it will run you.  In business, you ALWAYS want things to be the first way around, never the latter.  One of the funniest objections I sometimes come up against when talking with folks about headshots is this vicious and squidgy matter of time.

The reality is, is that time is NEVER the real and actual problem.  There is always something else underlying.  Before you are really ready to see that, you need a specialist in that field, so please welcome Tiana!


What do Coco Chanel, Sir David Attenborough, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa and Richard Branson have in common?  Well, two things really; firstly, they are all high achievers.  They have all reached the absolute crest of success in their chosen fields.  They are role models for others.  We look at them in awe…


But they have one other thing in common.  In fact they have this “thing” in common not only with each other, but also with everybody else on earth – yes, you and me too.  So what is this “thing” we all have in common, you ask.  The answer is 1440.  We all have 1440 minutes every day of our lives.  The difference lies in what we choose to do with our 1440 every day.  High achievers like Bill Gates and Coco Chanel have learnt how to use their 1440 minutes effectively and impactful – to get a massive amount of high importance tasks done every single day.  And it is this exact skill which sets them apart and leaves us in awe of them.

But here’s the good – no GREAT – news; we can all learn this skill.  I have made it my mission to study these (and other) high achievers and how they use their time.  I have delved into their techniques, tried and tested them all and developed several new techniques and strategies over the years.  As a Business Coach and Productivity Strategist, it is these strategies and techniques I teach my clients – to help them achieve more with their 1440 minutes every day.


One of the most basic Time Management ideas involves planning.  We need to plan our day, our week, projects and potential outcomes.  Planning is the corner stone of effective Time Management.  With proper planning we can anticipate potential problems or delays, ensure that all important tasks gets done on time and ultimately ACHIEVE what we want to.

When doing my own planning, and when doing client work, I like to time-line the project.  For example, I wanted to write and publish a book.  This project clearly was rather large, with many milestones in between the start of the project and final completion.  So I time-lined it.

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My Project Timeline gave me a clear view of the entire project, which helped to keep me on track.  It also highlighted when I needed to connect with suppliers or collaborators, to ensure my project fit in with their Time Management.  Yes, always be considerate of other people’s time J

Part of this particular project was to get a Business Portrait for the “About the Author” section of my book.  This was a vital part of the project for me.  I needed to look professional, approachable and relaxed.  My readers surely would want to see my face and know more about me – it all adds to credibility and building rapport with readers.  With my project timeline, I knew I needed to action this part of the project early on, so I called in Laura.  I knew she would produce exactly what I needed and – vitally – do so on time.

This is another corner stone of good Time Management.  ALWAYS make sure other people you are working with (suppliers, collaborators etc.) are reliable and respectful of your time and their own time.  It might sound a bit harsh, but in order to achieve what you want to achieve and use your 1440 minutes effectively, you need to ONLY work with people who are serious about their own Time Management.  Set your boundaries, choose carefully and you’ll quickly become more impactful with your 1440.


So “making time” to complete a high-impact project really is quite easy.  Once it is time-lined, you know well in advance when big milestones will be coming up.  And using excellent suppliers helps to ensure that deadlines are met.  In this example, I knew at the beginning of 2016 that I’ll need a Laura Business Portrait by November of that year.  We could arrange meetings and shooting date months in advance – which helps a great deal with diary management.  The earlier you can allocate time slots, the easier it is to manage your diary.  This is not only respecting your own time but also the time of others around you.

And I believe this is the core of excellent Time Management; learn to respect your own time and the time of others.  Through respecting our time, we can make better decisions as to what to do with our 1440 every day – and so become high achievers too.


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