My Promise to Delight You


I decided to share with you just how seriously I take my work as a true Professional Photographer.  It can be really hard to distinguish who is legit and who may rip you off with disappointing work or a let-down style of service.  With my 10 years in the Photography Industry and 8 years in business, I have heard some terrible stories about how other people have been disappointed when it comes to a professional photography experience.

In addition to letting my work “speak for itself”, I decided to affirm my approach with my very own Delight Promise.  Here is exactly what I mean by this commitment to you.

In order to ensure that you have a truly DELIGHTFUL experience when working together with me…

Laura Promise


You need to come to all of our planning sessions with an open mind and prepared to share honestly and openly with me how you feel, as well as what ideas you have.  The more you are able to explain what is in your mind’s eye with visual examples the better.

Simply, if you don’t tell me how you want your final photography to look then I’m going to need to use my artistic licence to create it. Usually, my clients will do one, or more, of three things to ensure I know exactly how they want their photographs to look:

  1. Provide a detailed description of what you like and don’t like in the planning phase of your photoshoot. Then sign off my interpretation of this description in follow up email.
  2. Sign off visual examples (from existing images or from images found on other websites as part of the research phase of your photo shoot).
  3. Make full use of the open feedback process given to you at every phase of your photoshoot project, to voice any concerns about not being fully delighted with the Laura Pearman Photography Team and Experience. This includes; the planning phase, confirmation of shoot plans phase, shoot day, presentation or preview of shoot results, editing photography, retouching photography, receipt of final images.

If no clear directions or examples are provided by you and I am told to use my own artistic licence when creating your photography, you lose your right to a refund or free re-shoot. I’m a marvellous photographer, and I do have strong powers of intuition, but I am not a mind reader nor am I Wonder Woman (unfortunately).


If I shoot in the way you tell me then everyone is generally delighted with the experience. I give you a series of opportunities to voice your concerns, ask questions and let me know if you are not happy or delighted with how your service is developing.  If you do not make use of these opportunities, I’m unable to modify and improve your level of delight.  If you decide not to speak up at any stage of the process, then your entitlement to a refund or a free re-shoot will not apply.

Occasionally the best way to proceed is to go ahead with a free reshoot or a bit of extra retouching to make a small change - that’s fine. If you decide you want something rather different than your original directions, after I have wrapped on your original photoshoot, then I will charge you for the new photography time.

If you don’t like the way I’ve finished an image for you in post-production, I have the right to attempt to correct it twice to delight you before granting a refund.

You agree that it is fair to receive one of these resolutions:

  • Free Retouching up to 2 revisions before additional fees apply.
  • A Second Free re-shoot with in-depth re-confirmed direction.
  • A Full Refund, only when the above two resolution options are impossible.

Any issue with an image or the Laura Pearman Photography experience must be expressed in writing via email with clear directions on the issue, referencing the exact image filename in all correspondence.

You cannot change your mind after approval of your images has been given to me and the high-resolution versions have been provided to you for download.

Use of any image constitutes full approval of the image.

If an image is used after a refund is given, it is a breach of my copyright and I will hunt you down. In a legal way of course but I’ll be dressed like a vintage Lara Croft, and I will not relent!

If any images are not approved and a re-shoot is requested, it may not be possible to complete your experience within the original designated time frame. All efforts will be made to supply the new images to you as quickly and delightfully as possible.


I strive to delight you and stretch my own creativity on every single shoot I create (it gets boring otherwise).

Over the years, clients have commented to me that my method of working was surprisingly delightful.  Here's what you can expect:

My perfectionism is innate.  As well as striving hard to make sure you feel delighted I also hold myself accountable for creating my best shoot ever on every single shoot.  I can't help it, it's just who I am.


Regardless of which service we go for on your session, you can always expect a lot of questions from me.

I ask questions to quickly develop my understanding of why you are the way you are, and how this informs your unique experience as a human being in this current time.

Answering questions that you feel are a bit "out there" is part of my creative process.  It's important to note that my goal here is to figure out ways I can surmise your entrepreneurial journey without using words.  So even if we do go really deep about how we perceive time, space or talk about what clothes we think faires wear in our cyber cocktail chat, you don't need to worry about me photoshopping in an actual fairy (in a turtle neck) onto your final headshots.  I may instead choose to explain your openness by using a certain photographic technique around depth and open light.


I draw inspiration from a wide range of musings.

Clients have been delighted in my recommendations to watch certain films or documentaries.  Sometimes I get a great idea for you from a certain song or place.

Whilst this kind of creative in my process is most helpful to me, I do share it with you and any other creative supplier I work with to explain how I'm feeling about how I want your images to look in the end.


It's essential to me that you feel free n easy on your shoot day.

By this I mean I don't want you to feel like you have to lift a finger or stress about any kind of logistics with the weather, or travel on your shoot.  This is what you pay me for as well as my technical abilities to wield a camera.

You can expect fun introductions to your creative suppliers in the run-up to your shoot day.

You can expect to have me ask you how you take your coffee, or which lunch you'd prefer.

I want you to feel like your favourite rockstar for your shoot day.


Whilst you are enjoying the experience of feeling like your favourite rockstar, I will still report in and keep you up to date with how your project is developing and progressing.

I'm open and transparent to let you know if I run into any obstacles, but in the majority of cases, I let you know what is being done to rectify this or ask you to sign off which way you'd prefer me to proceed on your behalf.


You've probably gotten this already from the rest of my delight promise on this page.

But you can 100% expect me to keep on asking you that you are indeed delighted with how your Laura Pearman Photography experience is going.  I do this to make sure that if we need to change course or make any tweaks to your level of delight it is within control in real-time.

So expect to be checked in with at regular intervals in your service.

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