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What You Need To Know About Shooting Turbo Brand Photography With Me

Who Is The Turbo Brand Photography Service For?

  • Perfect if you are just getting serious about showing up more with photography for your business.
  • If you are looking to develop a longer-term working relationship with a skilled and experienced photographer that you feel "gets you".
  • If you felt disappointed with previous professional photography results and you are still on the search to find a better fit.
  • If this is your first-ever time shooting brand photography professionally.

If that sounds like you then the Turbo Service is the right place to begin.

What Does The Turbo Service Include?

The Turbo Brand Photography Service is my quickest service. It includes:

  • 1hr Planning time.
  • 30mins Shooting time.
  • Online Gallery Presentation.
  • 5 Final Images.
  • Collection Lightly Retouched & Optimised for SEO.
  • Images Sized for all your needs.
  • Images delivered with full commercial licencing.*
  • Social Media to support your Call To Action before, during & after shoot day.
  • Feature Spot on Mwah TV.*

The Turbo Brand Photography service takes just 30mins shooting time and a simple 1hr planning conversation. From beginning to end you can expect to have this project fully completed within a week (subject to both of our schedules).

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How The Turbo Brand Photography Service Works

Why am I the best to shoot your Turbo Brand Photography?

Laura - Services1

Hi! I'm Laura!

Also Known As - A Creative Swiss Army Knife.

I take the time to understand how your true essence fits into what you do. This pre-shooting consultation is crucial. I work out how we can bake your true essence into your photography. This is what makes it branded. Brand Photography helps you make more money in your business.

I know about marketing and branding. Every single one of my wild creative ideas is grounded in a sensible, measurable strategy.

After any shoot with me, you can expect to feel clarity in how the rest of the world sees you, you'll learn skills about how to better articulate this for your business. Whatsmore, you will be oozing extra self-confidence adding a little bass to your walk.

Why Should You Pick The Turbo Brand Photography Service?

Most of my Turbo Brand Photography clients are looking to develop a longer-term working relationship with a photographer that they feel "gets them", and can offer them advice on how to build their image library alongside the rest of their marketing assets.

You may have been disappointed with previous headshots or brand photography results. Or the style of service you have received from another photographer was lacking. Alternatively, this may be your first ever time shooting photography professionally and you know you want to put your trust in the right supplier.

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Where Does The Turbo Brand Photography Service Happen?

In general, I prefer to pair where I am shooting with the wider aesthetic my client is looking to portray through their brand photography. 

So more often than not The Turbo Brand Photography Service is shot on a location that we plan out together.  This can be indoors at a venue that matches the mood of your business or outside.

On the rare occasion that specific lighting styles or controlled effects are needed, I use studio space hired out specifically for the duration of your session time.

I work internationally, year-round.

Don't Want To Pay Travel Costs?

If you don't want to pay for me and the Fox Force 5 Team to come to you, then perhaps we can meet up together on our combined travels?  We can chat about this in more detail in our Cyber Cocktail appointment.

How Much Does The Turbo Photography Service Cost?

What Other Turbo Clients Say

"Laura and I got on instantly. I don’t like having my photo taken but she was able to put me at ease and get the best out of me on our shoot day. I can't wait to get more pictures with her. She rocks!"


"I loved Laura's work for a while before contacting her to do a shoot. She was so much fun to work with. Everyone is loving my new headshots. I'm dead happy!"


"I wanted to show a less formal side of myself in my latest headshots and I knew that Laura was the right person for the job. She has managed to balance on that fine line between relaxed and authoritative. No easy feat by any stretch."


"I have loved Laura's work for a long time. It was a real goal for me to get to work with her. Can you believe it, she even brought me a little cake as it was my birthday on shoot day!"


"I know Laura professionally and I am still regularly wowed with her creative mind. So when she suggested we shoot my headshots in the middle of the woods I went with it. She was right! I have a much more solid brand now and it's unique to me."


"As a product-based business, I was unsure of what I really needed for my headshots. It felt like everyone I look up to for inspiration is service-based. Laura was able to make some clever recommendations for me and my business. I am in love with the final results!"


"Laura was highly recommended to me by one of her Fox Force 5 Team. I felt at ease with her from our first chat about the kind of thing I wanted. She was able to run with it and delight me and my team with results that dovetail with my branding."


"What I think makes Laura so great is her ability to interpret any brief and then somehow to turn that into headshots that really fit the character of the person she is shooting. I’d admired her for a while before shooting together, and I was not disappointed!"


"Shooting with Laura has been so much fun. She has this incredible ability to listen to all your ideas and put them into the headshots. I am so excited about the results. It's exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Laura!"


"Laura blew my mind with her skills. I'm au fait with working with all kinds of photographers. She is another level I assure you. I'll be working with her again I just know it."


Let's Get Turbo-Planning

It's really important that we are a good fit together.  I always recommend you do the work to find the right photographer for you.

By having a no-obligation chat, you can tell me what you're looking for and ask me any questions you might have.  

We can see if the vibes are there to make for an enjoyable working experience together too.

Pick Your Cyber Cocktail Date & Time

Are These Thoughts Running Through Your Mind?

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Download The Current Brochure

Why not take a copy of my current collection of services?  This is the easiest way to compare all the ways we can work together before making a decision.

The Turbo Brand Photography Service begins at £769.  Price can be affected by:

  • Taking more time on shoot day
  • Adding hair and makeup to your session
  • Adding more images to your collection

Turbo Brand Photography Service Not For You?

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