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So Kick Back

Welcome to the Turn Up the Volume Experience!

Enjoy listening to your brand volume intensifying.

Everything is perfectly in tune and as it should be. Finally, you can get excited that your brand is on track to get you to where you want to be as a business. You will feel so pleased you said yes to the Turn Up the Volume Experience.

Are You The BIG Bottleneck?

When We Piecemeal It...

You may have already tried to do this for yourself; you have experienced hiring niche creative suppliers. For a lot of people, it goes a little something like this.

this is the new one for 2021

You got a nice service from a graphic designer who covered some of the brand strategy basics as part of doing you a logo, some brand colours and a font family.

this is the new one for 2021

Then you got some great brand photos. The photographer worked with what the graphic designer gave you then sort of did their own thing.

this is the new one for 2021

Then you worked with a website designer. They cobbled together what your photographer and graphic designer did and sort of made it into a website that mostly fit in.

this is the new one for 2021

Your social media person works on their own thing when it comes to the look and feel of how you post.

this is the new one for 2021

The person who helps you get your content out has their own style of how they do this for you.

And Why That Is A Problem For Your Brand

The trouble with tackling your “brand stuff” like this is consistency and direction. You inadvertently made yourself the strategist AND the Creative Bottle neck by tackling things in this piecemeal way. That’s all well and good when you are at the beginning of your business journey, and you just need the foundation to get going. But, when you have your sights firmly on hitting that big goal of yours, it’s time to delegate this and bring in the big guns. Enjoy taking a step back for a change.

Let’s face it, you already have a bunch of other big projects waiting on the backburner, and you want to be in a place where you can enjoy being involved in getting your brand in tune whilst focusing on your precious time on what else you have going on.

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Michelle Lucherini creative direction

"I love a system, and fact-based research. When it comes to original creative - this is where I get stuck! This is where Laura comes in. She has shown me how ANY creativity in my business for my branding can be based on facts. I love that! Without this, I would never have been as daring as I have in my business."

Michelle Lucherini

Myra Tomlin-Reed creative direction

"I'm naturally a creative person. I also struggle with focus. With Laura working with me and creating my brand strategy for me I feel like she has created the boundaries I needed to be my creative self within. Whatsmore, her organisational approach has given me list of branding and marketing activity based on my business priorities"

Myra Tomlin-Reed


What This Experience Brings To Your Business

You have visualised how life is going to look for your business when you reach that big hairy goal of yours. You just don’t have the time or frankly the inclination to figure out how to get a brand working that accelerates this. You’ve already invested so much time into honing your zone of genius. You know what you are good at, and you know that surrounding yourself with the right people who are experts in their field is always the better way to go.

Without You Doing Everything Yourself

Not only can I help you get your brand perfectly tuned up ready to help you achieve your business goals, but I can also facilitate this with help from my team so that you can feel confident that the finer details are all being taken care of. We explore everything needed to develop a brand strategy that WILL get you to that goal.

When you take this approach to formulate a solid brand strategy that is underpinned by hard facts and proper research about your market you feel confident that the brand you have is beautiful to you and your ideal customers. But most importantly that the brand you have WILL work.

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Quicker Decision Making Bonus

The added and sometimes hidden bonus of tackling your brand strategy in this way is that it helps you make decisions quicker in unexpected ways. Investing in working this all out now will pay off dividends for years to come.

Imagine having a document that you know you can return to time and time again to help you make an important decision about operations, marketing, how you are growing your team.

This is exactly what a Brand Book does, and this is exactly what you have at your disposal when we have completed a Turn Up the Volume Experience together.

Get Started On Turning Up The Volume Experience

To get started on turning up the volume on your brand, all we need to do is start a conversation. Send me a quick note here and I will get back in touch with you in a fun video about the right next step forward.

Oh! and because you are a Masterclass attendee this will secure a 20% discount on this service if you decide to go ahead later.

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Sally How creative direction

"Laura is such a branding expert! I love working with her time and time again to help me get my strategy back on track. She really has made such a difference to my business."

Sally How

Trish McKinnley creative direction

"Trust me when I tell you... You GOTTA work with Laura on your branding. She is that great unique mix of creativity and analytical organisation. My business is still reaping the rewards from our work together. You will not be sorry!"

Trish McKinnley

How The Turn Up The Volume Experience Works

The Turn Up the Volume Experience works like this:

An in-depth Discography Call

In this time, I explore all avenues in your business. Based on these findings I go away and work out the right framework or “scope” needed to define a branding project that will fit your current needs and get you to your goals in the most efficient way.

Scope & Timing

Part of developing the scope of your experience will be working out how long this will take to deliver in full.

Dove-Tailing Into Your Schedule

When we have agreed the best timeline for you and your team, work begins on your Experience. An experience that suits your business schedule and compliments your other projects.

Getting To Work Behind-The-Scenes For You

In the duration of your experience, I work with my team to carry out work on your brand independently. We also work on investigations with your team and stakeholders.

Workshopping Together

At key times throughout the duration of this project, we will workshop different aspects of your brand together. A Brand Workshop is fully facilitated by me and can include just you the business owner or can be carried out with your wider team. This is the part where I pull pieces of your brand out of your hearts, and out of your minds. This is not a painful experience I promise!

Creating Your Brand Book

Whilst this facilitation and research is going on all our findings are surmised into your very own robust Brand Book. Your Brand Book holds the rules, tenets, and guidelines of your brand.

Planned Out Next Steps

When your experience comes to an end, we ensure you have your own list of next steps so that when you go it alone, you know exactly what you need to do and why to keep building your brand in your day-to-day operations.

How Much The Turn Up The Volume Experience Costs

Is Different For Everyone...

Because of its bespoke nature, the price you pay for your Turn Up the Volume Experience is dependent upon some key factors going on in your business. To work out an accurate quote for you, we need to have a chat first about what’s possible and what the best course of action is for your business. We can do this initially with a quick and casual cyber cocktail call.

If we click, and there is some scope for branding strategy work together, I’ll invite you to join me in a more in-depth and detailed Discography Call.

Following a detailed exploration together I’ll then work up a fully bespoke quotation of the way I recommend we tackle your brand strategy together.

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As a rough guide, the Turn Up The Volume Experience begins at £4,000.


from £4,000 before discount
  • Customised Scope of Work
  • Facilitated Brand Workshop Sessions
  • Research & Fact Finding
  • Codification of Findings
  • Dove-tailed working with your existing creative suppliers
  • Delivered in a Brand Book

So You Can...

Hit your next big goal faster by significantly levelling up your brand the right way. Rely on the big guns to take control of this for you. Let’s make this next step an enjoyable experience for you and your team.

Sign Up for Turn Up the Volume Branding Service and You’ll Get...

Your Brand Guidelines Book

The key tangible deliverable we aim to complete in any Brand Strategy Project together is issuing you with a living brand guidelines book. In order to be able, to sum up, all of the rules and guides of your brand, however, we need to carry out work on:

  • Exploring exactly what your brand consists of right now.
  • Exploring how your current brand sits within the marketplace.
  • How your current brand is really perceived in its current state.

Then based on these findings we can:

  • Hone or re-develop your brand so that it serves your business plan and goals.
  • Make sure that your brand performs exactly as you need it to.
  • Be confident that your brand is perceived in the right way by your perfect customers and clients.

Your Workshops

In a close second to your Brand Guidelines Book are the workshops I facilitate for you and your team whilst our Brand Strategy project is underway.

It is crucial that you understand:

  • Any key findings I and my team uncover from investigations.
  • Why changes and recommendations are being made.
  • That I know and fully respect you have your brand inside your mind.

The best way to keep you involved and at the forefront of this project is to have you involvement at key moments along the way.

Many of my clients find these regular workshops to be the key "lightbulb" moments for their wider business direction. They also love how this brings their team together to talk about the direction of the business through a new lens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brand Strategy

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