Golden Luxury Headshots in a Castle for Vicki Morris

Luxury Headshots

Meet My Client!

I met Vicki as a result of appearing on Janet Murray’s podcast.  Vicki heard my interview on getting the right kind headshots for your brand and business and she contacted me a couple of months later all ready to book some Luxury Headshots.

We had a great chat on the phone and agreed to scout for the perfect spot on a national scale.

Janet Murray’s Podcast

I’ve been a guest twice on Janet’s show.  I really enjoy talking at any old time.  Being a guest on the right shows is so much fun, and has resulted in some incredible bookings like this as a result.

The Sch-Wham Planning

Working in the high-end wedding industry means that Vicki is an ultrasonic organiser.

As soon as we had a date set, she was with almost immediate feedback on location scouting options, working on outfits with some virtual styling.

Our planning was like a pink clouded dream come true!

If you are a fellow “ultrasonic co-ordinator”, then honey, I WANT to work with you.

Initially, we planned to take the Fox Force 5 on the road and all head to London to shoot at a private club.  On seeing the wealth of gorgeous castles here in Northumberland, we swapped our logistics and Vicki selected Bamburgh Castle as our official destination.

On The Fox Force 5 Team This Time


I had a chance to catch up meeting with stylist Nichola English just after I spoke with Vicki in our introduction chat.  I can remember over our salads Nichola got all excited at the mention of ‘gold’ and ‘luxury’.  When it came to looking at style booking, I knew Nichola had provisionally prepped a branded wardrobe concept for Vicki’s wardrobe.  So things just flowed.

Luxury Headshots


Marie from ND Makeup is very familiar with a lot of the luxury venues throughout the North East.  Having an impressive line of wedding bookings (sometimes year’s ahead) I knew I could rely on her to help me get the inside track on where would suit Vicki’s Sch-Wham needs the best.

creative headshots

Vicki’s VIP Wish-List

From the initial planning chat, I had with Vicki, a very clear wish list developed that included some key factors.  I knew that it was crucial to involve and include the following factors in the shoot.

  • GOLD – Vicki had a fully developed Brand guidelines document in my inbox ready to work from. Gold and purple are her main brand colours, and gold accents quickly became a favourite for us in the planning stages.
  • OPULENCE – For me, there is a marked difference between the brands that are quietly aspiring to become what they want to be, and the ones who just get on and live it, breath it. Vicki is 100% the latter.  She works with billionaires from all over the world.  Her knowledge and experience with opulence are instinctive.  This HAD to be clear in all of her luxury headshots.
  • ORGANISATIONAL CALM – Many event organisers refer to the swimming swan as a part of their work. Calm and tranquil above the surface and quickly paddling underneath.  Vicki brings organisational calm through all of her services.  I challenged myself to capture this quality of assurance and confidence, without coming off as smug.

With opulence and calm at the top of our list, I was near to crying with joy when Vicki contributed some of her ideas in neat little sub-folders on her Pinterest mood board.  From this Marie and Nicola dived in and this mood board was our inaugural virtual creative soup of concepts and moods.

Here is the board that I created as a result of this:

Vicki’s Sch-Wham Mood board

Luxury Headshots

Vicki’s Sch-Wham Headshot Session

Shoot day was indeed organisational bliss.  We had a tour of Bamburgh Castle on arrival first thing in the morning, and we were given clear instructions on where we could shoot and what heirlooms we needed to be ultra-cautious of.

Sunrise in the Great Hall

We noticed straight away that the sun was rising and casting a wonderful spotlight effect right in the middle of the Great Hall.  In response to this, we quickly got Vicki’s first look ready and slowly moved as we worked in line with the way the pool of sunlight was gradually changing across the hall.

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session

Dramatic beginnings.

Luxury Headshots

Nichola had Vicki’s unique collection of watches as well as some exquisite jewellery finds throughout all of the shoot.

Exclusive Fireplace Access

As part of my scouting, I had arranged for us to get behind the velvet ropes and shoot next to the famous Bamburgh Castle fireplace.

There is a baby grand next to the window there too.

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session

To complete our shooting inside the Castle we climbed up a secret staircase and shot from the Great Hall Balcony.  A whole new angle in the same coveted space.

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session
Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session


We switched up Vicki’s look to a more modern-chic vibe.  Then we headed out to the bright late morning light.

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session

The vibrant gold against Vicki’s blue eyes and pink lips worked a dream.

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session

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Vicki’s Edit

Vicki was incredibly decisive and organised (no surprises there) when it came to the editing side of her luxury headshots.  Within 24hrs of releasing her private online gallery, she had decided which shots she wanted for this final cut and she had some really concise retouching requests.

I can imagine that the Wedding Photographers she deals with also adore how incredibly hot off the mark she is.

Even More About this Session

We created some additional fun content for this shoot both whilst the shoot itself was happening, and after we had wrapped.


To learn fashion insights on how Nichola developed her looks from Vicki’s distinctive colour palette, take a look at our style write up.


Vicki also wrote up her experiences of the session. Find out how this all went down from her perspective here.



Extra Thanks To

Huge thanks to the venues that helped us pull off the shoot.  Scouting for great locations is always such a pleasure when you work with great places like this.

Bamburgh Castle

Linden Hall

Vicki stayed at Linden Hall before and after her shoot.  We were granted last-minute permission to capture Vicki in her golden gown glory on their show-stopping staircase.  Thanks so much!

Luxury Headshots
Vicki Morris SchWham Headshots Session

Through Client Eyes

At Linden Hall, I asked Vicki to do a quick piece to camera to let you know what she thought about this Sch Wham Luxury Headshots Photography service.  Here’s what happened:

What About You?

If you rock a luxury brand like Vicki and you know you need to raise the bar when it comes to your headshots, let’s get planning together!

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