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Capturing the unique character of your vintage business.

Vintage is a way of life.

I love going to vintage fairs and exploring vintage shops. I love the quality, and the stories, and knowing that nobody else on the planet has the same stuff I do.

But most of all, I love the people. The diverse and gorgeous and passionate and powerful people that make up our community.

Here’s the thing about vintage businesses: from Carnaby Street to Cannes to the Grainger Market, people are building a working life out of their passion.

It’s a magnificent, challenging, balls-out-awesome thing to do with your life. But it definitely isn’t easy.

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Using photography to stand out in vintage

Do you ever feel like you’re the best kept secret in town?

It happens to a lot of antique and vintage folk. You build a beautiful business, have a bunch of die-hard regulars and wow anyone that crosses your threshold.

But that’s not enough to make a business work in the long term. You need more people to know about you.

Being the best-kept secret in town is one of the worst places you can be.

But don’t stress! Help is totally at hand! I specialize making vintage businesses look stylish and professional, while also absolutely pouring your unique and special character into the images.

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How Vintage and antique businesses are using photography

There are so many ways that top quality photos can help to get your business out into the world.

  • For Business Cards – meeting someone away from your store? Give them a flavour that they can take away.
  • For press releases –¬†Something special happening in your store? A curious antique? An interesting visitor? Let the world know! If you can provide quality images, the local paper is way more likely to cover you.
  • For your packaging or your manufacture process (Your bags, wrapping n stuff). Turn everyone who leaves your store into a walking advert.

If you’d like more on how to market a vintage business, great big sexy marketing geniuses Andrew and Pete wrote me a guest blog on that very subject.

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Vintage photography: Make your vintage visual

Your vintage business is special. And if you want to capture the atmosphere of your business for your promotional work, you need to distill that specialness.

You need a vintage photographer. A sepia filter and a trilby doesn’t cut it. You need someone who’s lived the vintage lifestyle, who’s breathed the dust of a thousand vintage stores and who’s felt the spine-tingling, heart-pounding thrill of finding an antique that you were born to own.

That’s what makes me an outstanding vintage photographer. I understand brand, and I understand visual. But most of all, I understand vintage.

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My Community

Into vintage? I want to hear from you! ¬†I’m building a vintage community online and in person and I’m always looking for guest bloggers, instabuddies and people to drink cocktails and pontificate with.