Where Do You Actually Use Your Headshot Once You Have It?

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I got this question from a recent client so I thought it would make an excellent vlog.  I give some tips on how to ensure your Professional Headshots keep providing you with value on your investment.  Otherwise, what the hell is the point?. Let’s get some headshots return on investment.


Hey Everyone This is a Laura Pearman Vlog, and I’m Laura Pearman.

I wanna talk about an answer to a question that I recently had from a question of one of my recent clients, this was done in a Facebook Group that I belong to. It turned into a big Live discussion.

So I thought it was worthwhile presenting all of the Conversational Gems to you today in this Vlog. if you are not using your headshots the right way, what’s the point in having them done?


So, the most obvious place to put your Headshots is on all of your Social Media Profiles in the Profile Picture picture section, and usually this is the catalyst and the reason why people come to me in the first place.


They let me know “Laura my Profile Picture isn’t doing me any favours professionally (especially on Linkedin) I need your help”.

That’s kinda obvious, and I would hope that you know that already, so check that off we know that okay? But secondary profiles… What’s going on with you there? So what picture pops up on everyone’s phone when you call them? Go through your contacts and just check what you have on your caller ID as you. You can make that your Headshot your professional Headshot and make sure you do it properly ey?


Don’t put it up on the screen and then just take a photo of that with your phone, cos it will look a bit pants. You could do it correctly and upload it properly through iCloud or through your smartphone system and make sure that it’s nice resolution, there are no screen pixels on there, do it in a good way and you’re gonna elevate yourself a little bit.  What have you got on WhatsApp right now?

A lot more people are talking in WhatsApp Group Professionally, and people are kind of tuning into that App a little bit more to do a little bit more networking. So you want to make sure that you don’t have a big ole honking drink in your hand if maybe you’re a lawyer, or I dunno, maybe you’re a lawyer for alcohol and that’s your thing and you have professional headshots of that nature but you want to make sure that y’know it flows with what you do as your job.


What have you got on your email programme? What email do you use? Like me, I use the Mail facility, but I remember at one point on hotmail like the default icon was horses heads?? You don’t want horses heads popping up when someone sees you have an email come in from you! You want it to be your slick, hot beautiful, professional headshot!  So make sure that you have gone to the trouble of just checking what your profile is on the email programme that you use. So that when someone gets an email from you, they get a little reminder of what you look like, but what you look like on your best day, in your best light, maybe with a little retouching, if that’s what you ordered from your professional photographer.

So! Profile Covered! We’ve got that! Extra headshots return on investment!


The next reason that most people come to me for Headshots is their website or their blog, so now that you’ve got your Headshots, why don’t you intersperse them throughout all of your website? So you’ve covered your, probably your ‘About Us or About Me’ Page.

Most people go with one safe picture.

But what about the other parts of your website?

Do we have some other images of you doing what it is that you do?

Are you demonstrating the vibe of your brand?

Are you demonstrating quite literally what it is that you do? Get some more pictures of you in there!

People wanna understand who you are and why you do what it is that you do. It all helps to build up a little bit more trust before someone makes that big leap (And it is quite a leap for them) to email you or maybe even (God forbid) pick up the phone and have a chat with you. So all of that really really helps.


I made this guide that goes through EVERY single place you can use your headshot to really maximise your investment in professional photography. This is a checklist you can re-use over and over again.


The next thing is Emailers and Newsletters, so if you are doing a lot of email marketing and you send out a regular newsletter stick a headshot on the bottom as part of your footer, remind people what you look like, so build up a bit more trust its really easy to upload it.

Whether you’re using ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft any of those things. Remind people that you’re a real human sending this email and maybe they won’t unsubscribe or maybe they’ll remember who you are and they’ll wanna hang around a little bit longer and to listen to what you have to say. That’s another good way to build up a little bit more of a profile. More headshots return on investment!


Then! We get onto the fun stuff, and I have to say, this was the most fun part of the Facebook Conversation and this is Stationery.

People are doing some really creative things now! So somebody was telling me on Facebook Live that she now uses her Headshots as part of her proposals. So at the very end of her proposal document, she includes a full-length body shot, and then she lays the text over in her Pro-forma and it is a great visual way to say “So book me!” and y’know that makes her stand out.


Maybe your only stationery is your CV. Get your Headshot on there! You’re gonna stand out in that pile of papers, from all the boring Times New Roman CV’s, if you’ve got your Headshot on it. Purely from human curiosity, for someone to want to know what your name is in relation to what you look like.

Stationery is where you can go really really creative. If you do something that particularly involves trust get your face on your business card. Now I remember having a really heated debate with some Graphic Designers about this, and if you’re a Graphic Designer and you’re on YouTube right now, by all means, we can discuss this.

I don’t know what the current trend is in Graphic Design. Personally, if I had somebody around who was painting my home or something… I kinda wanna see what the dude looks like before they come into my house do that….. That would help me make the buyer decision.

I’m not saying I want the photos to take over the card. But maybe, just a suggestion of it. Open for discussion.


Like Cards! Why does nobody send any cards man?

I had a great New Years card from a business last year that was really clever instead of a Christmas card.  Then I had a Valentines Card from an Event Company which I thought was super clever and that involved some professional photography.

But why don’t we get any cards from Accountancy firms? At the end of tax season? To say like “Whey! We did your tax return Well Done!”

A really cool extra opportunity to include your headshots.  

Or you can do something in line with what your business is in time with a certain season.  Like, create a season to make a photo opportunity for the Headshots you already have. Even more, headshots return on investment!


So yeah, think about it in that way. What about Thank you’s?

If you send thank you’s out to people when they have finished using your service, put your headshot on that card, get a load of them made and it makes it really personal and adds a lovely little sweet touch into your business and you’re re-using the investment that you have with your photographer.

So there are some fresh ideas for you there to give you some quick headshots return on investment.

I hope that some of them have given you food for thought.  Let me know how you’re currently using you’re professional headshots and never ever forget.


If it’s over two years old… Its gone off! You need to get a fresh one!


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