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The Real Life Questions & Answers Show

Welcome To The Show!

The #RealLifeQuestions and Answers Show was born out of a video experiment run in 2017.  I really enjoy taking part in shows online where I can be a part of the show myself.  I wanted to emulate this format and share my honest views on all things related to Photography, Headshots Photography and my life as a photographer.


At first, I asked my biz friends to submit their questions, so I could generate some content for myself and see how this style of a show suited my audience.

People loved it!

The especially loved my mini-rants and frank view on things.


There is A LOT online that can help you to procrastinate on things.  Lets face it, you can easily loose an hour on You Tube if you are not careful.  I wanted to be able to give you action orientated advice, or a quick view based on my own experience as a photographer to help you save time and get on with it all.


Series Two is returning to your screens in 2018.  Based on performance we will run a third season soon after.


To get involved with the show yourself, please submit your question right here.  We will let you know if the question has made the final cut, when we plan to air it, and if we need anything else from you before shooting starts.

In return for your participation we give you a “shareables platter”.  This is a goodie bag full of lots of ways you can promote your own involvement with the show out across your own social media.