What Camera Should I Use?

The Real Question

Hey Everyone, it’s Laura Pearman and this is another Laura Pearman vlog.  I have another question today, and this was sent through on Instagram.

The question is from Dakota who also is known as @kotaisataloss but Kotaisataloss asked me:


The Real Answer

This leads me on to a semi-rant.  So erm yeah, the camera that I was using for that particular question Dakota was my Canon 5d mark 3.

The Brand Camera Rant

I use that for quite a lot of my main work, usually, my commercial stuff a lot of headshots because it’s really quick and easy and reliable, a lot of my Canon lenses are compatible I’m usually quite a Canon girl don’t get me started on Nikon.

That’s a whole other rant.

The Camera Rant Itself

But yeah basically the photographer is the skilled one and the camera they use is the tool that they use.  So in a few of the online courses that I have I talk about painters and paintbrushes.  You spend a lot of money on getting the finest quality hairs in the paintbrush so that you can do a great job it’s kind of like that with photography.

Photography in the last… probably 20 years has massively changed because of the technical equipment that is available to us and sure you get a lot of people who are really like excited about technical equipment and those people are usually middle-aged men I find and I’m going to be totally honest it kind of bores me. I’m more of the ilk of photographers where I get a creative idea in my brain and then I just find the equipment that it helps me to create that thing that’s in my mind. I don’t really give a shit about what kind of equipment it is and what its capabilities are from a scientific point of view I just need the tools that I need to get the job done.

I Talk Through Some of My Cameras

So I have some cameras here that I use that I’ve created great work with and I have my brownie reflex twin twin-lens there and this was one of my first Canon professional cameras it’s a film 500N and let me see what else have I got today?

Oh! My Bronica square format Camera. She’s a beauty and yeah I have a lot of cameras and but that’s kind of the way with photographers and if you get into where you find that sometimes you need a certain camera to do a specific job and that’s the way it goes the cameras should never make the photographer you got my drift? It’s kinda like that saying where if you put a hundred chimps with on a hundred typewriters eventually they’ll create Shakespeare if you put a hundred people with a hundred specific cameras, would they create a masterpiece?

Who knows? Anyway! Would they be Nikon Camera’s, or would they be Canon Cameras? I don’t know!

Anyway it’s not about the kit, is kind of my point of today’s Vlog.  Thank you very much for the question I am a Canon girl, and that’s basically what I tend to go with in terms of kit and unless it’s a vintage camera and then I’ll be interested in learning how to use it and how to wield it for the thing that’s in my head.  Yeah, I think that answers today’s question so I hope that’s been helpful and I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into how I work as a photographer.

Have a great day and if you have any further questions or you want to jump in on the rant, you can do that in the comments below.  Have a great day! 

See ya!

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