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“Hi I’m Laura Pearman, Creative Director, Brand Strategist & Brand Photographer”

With degrees in both marketing & photography followed by 12 years of running my own creative business serving hundreds of clients, when you hire me as your brand strategist or brand photographer, you can trust my recommendations and insight.

I will take the time to learn about you, your business and your short-term and long-term business goals. This ensures that your branding fully showcases both you and your business.

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My Skills

Brand Photography


Brand Strategy


Content Photography


Professional Headshots


Brand Auditing


YouTube Content


The Marketing & PR Years

It all began with studying PR and marketing at University. This led to some solid time working in large blue-chip organisations, and then into running a marketing plan single-handedly for a small dot com start-up in Sydney, Australia. Navigating the vast differences in large organisational culture and into the small business world piqued my interest in the faster-paced way of working when things are small and lean.

During the pandemic, I returned to these roots and upskilled my branding strategy-specific service delivery.

Teamed together with my 12+ years of working with hundreds of businesses and brands in many different industries means that you get a truly tailored set of skills to meet your branding needs without unforeseen stress.

Brand Strategist & Branding Photographer Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Creative | Blog
Personal Brand Photographer Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Creative

The Photography Years

Photography is one of the passions of my life. I love being on a shoot surrounded by a crew of creative minds working for a shared client to bring an idea or notion to life.

Back in 2012, I initially set out as a photographer with bricks and mortar studio, having worked for several professional photographers across the UK.

With this take on life, what makes me useful to any business owner is that I bring a very visual mind to your table. This comes with the ability to be able to break down an idea into a practical framework, like your marketing plans, and then reverse engineer it back into a practical doable Creative Direction plan for your content or a single call to action.

Why I Champion Female Founders

At Laura Pearman Creative, I work with all business owners, but I am a passionate, modern feminist. I see that if we can even up the balance of power among the sexes, the world will probably become a much better place. I want to use my time here on this planet to help this quest with my particular expertise.

In my years of meeting and working with hundreds of different business owners around the world, I’ve learned a few things and spotted some trends, especially with female entrepreneurs:

  • They are usually way more qualified than male competitors.
  • They struggle with being seen as a leader and resist working on their visibility.
  • They want a better work-life balance and usually feel let down by the system when they try to have it all in a 9-5 corporate career.
  • They are highly skilled at identifying which bits of being an entrepreneur they are NOT good at.
  • They want to delegate more but find asking for help to be tough.

How I Support Female Founders

I love working with female founders to get focused on how they can grow their businesses with refined creativity so that they can become THE MOST memorable brand in their marketplace.

This might be through a single creative pursuit that could use a skilled creative director to project manage the different moving parts of an event or campaign to take the stress off.

This might be figuring out why a brand just isn’t getting results or making any significant difference to the all-important bottom line in a business.

Or, it might be working with these things to create a set of perfect brand touchpoints like design, and photography that can be used to accelerate visibility and influence.

My Full Origin Story

I’m a big believer in working hard at whatever you do. After noticing how shocked people have been when I have casually mentioned having 40 quite different jobs in my life I decided to break this down on MwahTV. This was something I was initially quite embarrassed by, but now I see exactly how it has all set me up to provide clients today with a huge breadth of references, transferable skills galore, and PLENTY of anecdotes.

Grab a coffee and take a look at this video to find out more about me and my journey to becoming the outstanding Brand Strategist and Brand Photographer that I am today.