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Find your secret brand owner style

In this episode of Mwah TV I’m going to help you find your secret brand owner style.

Working In Flow-State

Why work in a way that is full of friction when it comes to building your brand? Instead, today I want to help you unlock your secret brand owner style.

Let’s get you working in a way that flows with your natural instincts so that you can truly build a brand on your terms and intrinsically in alignment with your style. What’s more, I’m bringing this key insight to you for free, so stick around to find out how to access and implement this in your business.

Why I Made This For You

I thought you might be curious to find out why I’ve decided to create this for you.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that more and more of my clients have shared a curiosity about how my brain works differently from theirs. I think this is an interesting trend that it is running in line with our growing self-awareness.

The more we are learning collectively about neurodiversity and inherent traits of personality and psychology.

Even just 6 years ago, this was a topic of conversation I noticed was discussed only after a level of trust and rapport was built between people in a professional conference or networking-type situation.

Now, however, I’m seeing that collectively we are way more confident and comfortable discussing and embracing our differences.

Brand Photographer & Brand Strategist Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Creative

Here’s My Brain!

In response to this, I created a page here on my website where I openly share the inner workings of my mind. Showing people in a technical science-y way how I show up professionally and what to expect from me before committing to working together.


If I ❤️ ‘Em, You Might ❤️ ‘Em Too?

I’m also a huge fan of free quizzes that help define and categorise. Whether it be something fun and frivolous like:

“What cocktail are you?”

or the deeper psycho-metric or spiritual side of life.

My logic here is, if I’m a big fan, then another female business owner is likely to get a kick out of this too.

How Does Secret Brand Owner Style Work?

Knowing the different styles of being a brand owner can significantly improve your success to build and grow a brand on your terms for several reasons.

  1. Removing Friction: Maybe this is something you have never considered. You might be new to being a brand owner, or you have just rebranded or you’re considering doing a rebrand of your business. Either way, this is a great way for you to remove any friction you may have felt or experienced in this process.
  1. On Your Terms: I’ve talked before here on MwahTV about how quickly brands get out of control. It’s common for expert women to want to focus on their zone of genius when building a business and this can result in the branding element of a business going off track. Over time this can look like having a team that causes more stress and trouble than a business owner intended. It can look like a business brand owner having not enough time in their schedule and resenting their business. Sometimes brand owners come to me feeling rudderless and that their business isn’t making enough of an impact on the world. I’m all about helping brand owners find the right way to steer their businesses so that their brand is unequivocally on their terms.
  1. Increased Self-Awareness: In taking this free quiz, you might recognise the result you get as similar feedback you’d had before on your working style and preference. What makes this quiz helpful though, is the result you get is tailored to how your style affects your branding specifically. I then help you work out how you can use this to your best advantage to achieve your idea of maximum success.
  1. Playfulness: Even with this powerful insight, it’s a fun quiz. It’s been proven repeatedly that you’ll learn a new task better when it’s fun and you’re in a relaxed and playful mood. Play can also stimulate your imagination, helping you adapt and solve problems.
  1. Sample My Brand Style! Who doesn’t love a free sample? I’ve made this quiz in a way where you can experience the feel and style of my brand. This is a wonderfully low-risk way to see if you like my style of showing and working.

There Are Different Secret Brand Owner Style Tracks

Once we have determined what your secret brand owner style is, you will get a short series of emails with tailored advice that works best for you and your instincts.

Inside these emails, I share different ways you can work with me or on your brand independently.

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