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My in-depth brand audit service is an impartial, accurate reading to tell you exactly how your brand is performing.

The in-depth brand audit is perfect for you if:

  • You’re considering a FULL rebrand.
  • You’re considering a pivot to a new audience or with a new style of product/service.
  • You’re currently scaling your business.

Let me lift the lid on your branding to give you accurate measurements of performance and a clear plan of action to help your business soar.

In Depth Brand Audit Service | Laura Pearman Creative

My in-depth brand audit will give you all of this:

Accurate Measurements

Having a set of detailed accurate readings of how your brand is working gives you the data you need to inform your direction. The numbers NEVER lie.

Details On What’s Broken

When you know what is broken in your brand you can start fixing it. My in-depth brand audit gives you focus on the bits that need your attention pronto.

Impartial Eyes On Your Brand

It can be so difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are inside your brand every day. Getting an impartial view gives you a fresh, new perspective.

A Clear Conscise Report Of Findings

Everything I find going on in your brand is a summary of a LOT of detailed information. Having this boiled down into how you see things from a high-level point of view feels like wrapping your arms around the whole of your business. It gives you that sense of EVERYTHING. With the option to dive into detail when you need to.

Traffic Light Scoring

In the report, you get a simple traffic light score on each area I investigate.

RED – This is pretty serious & you need to look at it ASAP.
AMBER – Not great, but not alarming.
GREEN – Doing well. Don’t need to worry about it.

Prioritised Plan Of Action

So that you don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the findings in your in-depth brand audit report, I include a realistic prioritised plan of action that you can follow to make tackling it as easy as possible.

You can choose to follow the plan yourself with your own team, or my team and I can support you through it together.

The Investment

In-Depth Brand Audit one-off payment.
*Payment plans available on request.


How Does A Brand Audit Like This Work?

With my in-depth brand audit, all of the heavy lifting and time-consuming parts of this service are taken care of for you. If you decide to go ahead, this service will include.

  • An initial chat on Zoom/email, during which we will agree the exact scope of your brand audit.
  • My working with your VA/PA to obtain temporary access to the inner workings of your brand.
  • A thorough in-depth investigation of 101 areas of your brand.
  • Write up of findings in your final report.
  • Presentation of your final audit report.
  • A follow-up chat to discuss findings and appropriate next steps, plus any questions that the report brought up for you.

Even for the most time-pressed business owners, you can see that this brand audit service only demands a couple of hours maximum. This time is spread out over the course of your service delivery and will be completed within just 2 months.

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In Depth Brand Audit Service | Laura Pearman Creative