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Brand Strategy in a Day

With my Brand Strategy in a Day package, I will spend one full day with you and/or your team, and then the Laura Pearman Creative team does the rest for you! The result is a concise and beautiful brand guidelines document for your business.

If you want to own a truly original brand that stands out for all the right reasons, but you prefer to be more hands-off with the branding and just concentrate on what you’re really good at, this package is perfect for you.

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Brand Strategy in a Day

How building your brand strategy in a day works


Preparation will include:

  • An introductory call
  • Branding discovery & gap finding
  • Bespoke fact-finding (optional extra)
  • Planning the logistics of the intensive day

Prior to your Brand Strategy Intensive day, we begin preparations by collecting all of the key data you may already have to help get fully de-briefed and ready for our day together.

If any important gaps in the work you have are identified, I may advise an additional preliminary fact-finding activity to improve preparations for the day. This means that you can feel confident going into a full day out of your business to really maximise our time together.

Recommendations are made on a client-by-client basis. Additional costs are highlighted before any additional work is carried out.

Intensive Day

The intensive day can be in person or online, and with just you or with your team too. Whichever works best for you.

The day will involve up to 6 hours of intensive, focused time where we will discuss the inner workings of your business and what is the right definition and articulation of the brand that underpins your business.

This time gives us the opportunity to work through a number of activities together to reveal where there may be any gaps or misalignments. It is also a wonderful think-tank to begin the birth of new creative ideas, style choices and execution.

The Results

After the intensive day, me and my team will analyse everything covered and we will produce a beautifully robust brand guidelines document.

This makes any creative activity as a business a lot more efficient and effective.

People find this one-day intensive experience to be incredibly inspirational because of the clarity it brings and the new ideas it stirs up. When carried out with your senior management team, it can also feel like a great way to unite through a shared vision.


We will also provide clear guidelines and next steps for you to get the most out of your brand as well as achieve your goals faster.

Why choose this service?

My Brand Strategy in a Day service has so many benefits for you and your business.

Brand Strategy in a Day

When you book this day you are enlisting the support of serious experts. Having worked in the creative industries for years with hundreds of different businesses I know how to get you thinking about your business with a fresh feeling of clarity.

Brand Strategy in a Day

During our day together there is a strong chance that I will riff or put your ideas together but in a new creative way, or with a style or aesthetic you have never considered. That feels exciting!

Brand Strategy in a Day

You’re really ready to give yourself the gift of more time that comes from having this work documented. The time that this will save in de-briefing suppliers, getting endless revisions of work carried out, and not ever having to do all of the work on your own late at night way after the deadline.

Brand Strategy in a Day

Confidence in how and why your brand will continue to work to generate the level of income you know you deserve provides a refreshed, crystal-clear vision of the real future of the business. No more pipe dreams and whims.

Brand Strategy in a Day

The unsexy side of branding strategy is often one of the main reasons people tell me why they don’t complete this in-house alone. Being able to go over fine details in an objective way can feel like a heavy burden. Getting this fixed once and for all will feel so much lighter.

The Investment

Brand Strategy in a Day one-off payment.
*Payment plans available on request.


One of my best Creative Suppliers EVER

Laura is one of my best Creative suppliers EVER. Creating the magazine, and coaching has meant I have come into contact with hundreds of different creatives over the years from all over the world. Laura is one of THE best. She has a wonderful way with words and creates a hugely popular column for the magazine on branding and photography. We engaged her to shoot for the cover and also to shoot and direct a creative content crew when we covered a prestigious awards event. This is just the beginning, we will be hiring her a lot more in the future. Book her now, she’s worth the wait.

Tricia Scott- The Female CEO Magazine

Bespoke Photography for Tricia Scott Editor in Chief of The Female CEO Magazine. creative suppliers
Tricia Scott

We highly recommend you get Laura’s expert help

We are very happy with our brand guidelines and feel confident about our next steps ahead. If you feel ready to be more in control of how to stay current in your market, we highly recommend you get Laura’s expert help.

Ian & Sharon Matthias – MCE Railway Safety.

Brand Strategy In A Day MCE Railway Safety brand guidelines and brand strategy service
Ian & Sharon Matthias

The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Laura offering this in-a-day branding service in a way that respects my time felt like a perfect fit. The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Jo Davidson – Female Leadership Coach.

Brand Strategy In A Day Jo Davidson Female Leadership Coach
Jo Davidson