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Yvonne Radley’s Big Me Up Media Retreat Bespoke Headshots in Marbella

October 9, 2017

Meet My Client! I hit it straight off with Yvonne.  We met in the departure lounge of Heathrow Airport waiting for a flight to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World in March this year.  I’d […]

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Claire Jenks Graphic Design, and her Sch Wham Headshots, on the beach.

September 10, 2017

Meet My Client! I first met Claire at a Networking Group here in Newcastle City Centre.  After getting to know a bit more about her work I had her join my Supergroup of Creatives for my […]

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Trish’s Summer Farmhouse Betty Grable PinUp Shoot

September 5, 2017

Meet My Client! This is my SIXTH pinup session with Trish.  Making her officially my most beloved, bestest client ever!  From our first session way back in 2014, where Trish felt massively nervous and planning was […]

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Kerry’s Cosmo Lettuce Turbo Session

July 19, 2017

Meet My Client! Kerry got in touch with me as part of her planning a networking trip to Newcastle.  She had heard me chatting on The Soulful PR Podcast recently and was going to be hooking […]

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How Do you work with someone who has a Facial Disfigurement?

July 3, 2017

The Real Question This week I’ve got a really good question.  It was submitted by video from Mark who has Pocket Video School.  Click above to take a look at the video.   Mark asked: – Hi […]

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How do you use PRO Lighting to get a Professional and Presentable Headshot?

June 19, 2017

The Real Question Hi everyone, it’s Laura Pearman, and this is another Laura Pearman vlog.  I’ve got a good question this week, it’s a divisive one and it’s from my friend, Kathryn Dishman, who is from KD Communications. Kathryn sent me […]

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EPISODE TEN!! What shoot had the most Dramatic Impact on my Career?

June 5, 2017

The Real Question I’m so thrilled I made it to the very first milestone episode on the vlog!  Episode 10! Take a look to watch the show. Hey it’s Laura Pearman and this is another Laura Pearman […]

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What About When You Are A Glasses Wearer and You Need A Headshot?

May 22, 2017

The Real Question Hey everyone, its Laura Pearman, and this is another Laura Pearman vlog. Thanks very much to Nancy Radford this week who submitted her question.  Nancy is a professional mediator she works with people […]

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How Much Make Up Is Enough For A Headshot?

May 15, 2017

The Real Question   Hey everyone, it’s Laura Pearman and this is another Laura Pearman Vlog!  This week’s question is from Karen Strunks.  You may have already heard of the 4 a.m. project,         […]

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A Blog on Which is Best? A Black and White Headshot, or A Colour Headshot.

May 8, 2017

The Real Question Ann is a brand specialist she helps people develop their brands when they’re not too sure on how to grow their brands. She recommends on how you need she recommends on how you […]

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