The Laura Pearman Creative Team

Who is on the Team & How To Join

Meet The Laura Pearman Creative Core Team

Meet the different people on the core team.


Jade Brown


LOVES: Holidays…(please let 2022 be the year we can travel again). Wine, coffee and good food (in equal measures). Going to the gym (to counteract the above). Making memories and having fun with my two young boys and lastly, lists – I love lists, nothing makes me happier than a brand-new notebook and writing down a list!

HATES: Celery, Homelessness, my kids watching other kids play computer games on YouTube (they could be watching far better things… such as MwahTV!)

FAVE 💋 PRODUCT: Lady Danger Lipstick by MAC.

Danielle Bayes headshot

Danielle Bayes


LOVES: Teaching, technology and telling stories with video. Whether it’s creating memories of special moments or shouting about how great your brand is, video always does it best.  

HATES: Multi-Level Marketing, people who don’t indicate and Cabbage.

FAVE 💋 PRODUCT: Nivea Lip Balm.

Carrie Reagh

Carrie Reagh


LOVES: Early mornings, creative avenues (beautiful cinematography and photography and/or art you can get lost in), and DIY home stuff. And of course dogs and coffee, In a different life, I'd be either a prop master or creature builder for movies. Bring on the glue and the welder!

HATES: Inconsiderate people, not recycling, when I stay up too late and miss the early morning, and shredded coconut.

FAVE 💋 PRODUCT: Blistex Lip Rescue

Toks Coyle

Toks Coyle


LOVES: Computers, Travelling and Variety in work, which makes being a VA the PERFECT job!

HATES: Mint, Early Mornings, Injustice, Being close to Sirens, and Cold Weather.

FAVE 💋 PRODUCT: Nivea Lip Balm.

Sara Donaldson Northern Editorial

Sara Donaldson


LOVES: The internet – being able to help clients, no matter where they are, while drinking excellent coffee, being herded by my two corgis, and living a remote lifestyle AKA "The Dream".

HATES: Long drives when you need to go anywhere (thanks remote lifestyle!), bad coffee, bad wine, and insincerity.

FAVE 💋 PRODUCT: Ted Baker Satin Lipstick in Wild Pink.


Meet The Laura Pearman Creative Fox Force Five Team

Delighting my clients with a beautifully synchronised service is incredibly important to me. Being able to offer a range of expert suppliers I trust and who are familiar with working in the same team gives our shared clients a real Rockstar Level experience. 

Modelled on the stone-cold foxes who make up the fictional Fox Force Five from Pulp Fiction is our shared motif.

Building The Career of Your Dreams

Intern & Assist at Laura Pearman Creative

Earning your stripes is a hugely important part of building a career in the Creative Industries. In order to get a break in this competitive part of the job market, you need to prove you are really serious.

And that means being able to show assisting and or internship positions on your CV.

In order to provide students and trainees with the most valuable experience possible, the dates and times of these opportunities fit into our response to client demand. Get yourself onto my list of official interest and we will be in touch with you when an opportunity comes up.

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