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"Hi I'm Laura, Creative Director, Brand Strategist & Brand Photographer"

You're Getting A Real Pro

With degrees in both Marketing & Photography followed by 10 years of running my own creative business serving hundreds of clients, you can trust my recommendations and insight.

The Marketing & PR Years

I've done a bit of a weird loop pattern in my career. It began with studying PR & Marketing. Then when I decided to niche my photography business I used these skills to hone my ability at turning written down strategy into photography that articulates the words.

When the COVD pandemic hit us and my photography bookings dried up I returned to this foundation and upskilled myself to refine my Branding Strategy know how.

This means that you can take advantage of my creative swiss army knife abilities to get my help -in whatever guise you need it- to sex up your creativity, sort out your brand or make you feel like Beyonce on a Photoshoot Day.

The Photography Years

Photography is one of the passions of my life. I love being on a shoot surrounded by a crew of creative minds working for a shared client to bring an idea or notion to life.

As I initially set out as a photographer with bricks and mortar studio I also attribute a lot of my experience as a business owner to the world of photography.

With this take on life what makes me useful to any business owner is that I bring a very visual mind to your table. This comes with the ability to be able to break down an idea into a practical framework like your marketing plans and then reverse engineer it back into a practical do-able plan for your content creation or a single shoot.


Now I help business owners like you to...

Grow their business with refined creativity so that they can become THE MOST memorable brand in their marketplace.

This might be through a single creative pursuit that could use a creative director to project manage the different moving parts of an event or campaign to take the stress off your shoulders.

This might be figuring out why your brand just isn't getting you results or making any significant difference to your bottom line.

Or, it might be working with these things to create a set of perfect brand photographs that you can use to show up and stand out online better than ever before.

How we can work together

The Full Origin Story

I'm a big believer in working hard at whatever you do. After noticing how shocked people have been when I have casually mentioned having 39 jobs in my life I decided to break this down on #MwahTV.

Official Accolades
Calling Card Mock Up

Appearances, Speaking, Masterclasses & Workshops

I'm a seasoned pro when it comes to all manner of appearances like:

  • As a guest on other people's content.
  • As a traditional speaker on a stage in real life to a crowd of people.
  • As a Masterclass Host online and in-person.
  • As a hands-on Workshop Host (mostly in-person).

If you would like to explore blending our audiences the best place to start is by helping yourself to a copy of my latest calling card. You can download that right here.

Interesting Snaps About Me

Cocktail Fashion Props - Individual Artboards_Cocktail copy

Why I love Cocktails

I love the frivolity of cocktails.  The art and attention to detail that goes into making a drink is everything I love about life.

In my work around creative direction, I talk about my love of mixology of ideas. In short, this means trying to mix an idea up with something that really does seem to go at first. There is an element of this in all the creative pursuits I am involved in. 

I think the idea of a cocktail helps to explain this.

Travelling Fashion Props - Individual Artboards_Luggage copy

Travel Vibes

It's safe to say that my life has been dramatically affected by all of the things that come with travelling.  Travelling as a backpacker, living in a different country has given me an insatiable ambition to see as many different places, experience all the climates, and meet as many different people with new ideas and outlooks on life as I can.

Feminism Arrow

Rise of the Feminine

I strongly believe that we are living in an age of dramatic change.  I like to think that some of this is because mankind is evolving from an age of patriarchy into a time that is more female-infused.

In all the work that I do I fly the flag of equality for women and will always strive to do what I can to ensure newer generations of women in the workforce find it easier to build a career without the glass ceilings and systemic restrictions still all around us today.

People often call me: Lulu, Lozza, The Pearman, Pearmani 

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