"Hi I'm Laura, International Headshots Photographer Extraordinaire and Selfies Queen"

Laura Pearman Turbo Headshots Session


I've shot over 388 Photoshoots

I've been in business for 8 Years

I've travelled approx 19,500 Miles with clients

I've improved 100's of Selfies

Before finding myself thru photography

I trained to build a career in Marketing and Public Relations. I got a degree in this and worked professionally in this sector for a number of years.

I use all of this knowledge and skill as a headshots photographer. I can dissect a brand, I can see how photographs can help to support a business strategy.

My wild creative recommendations are always pinned down with your business goals in mind.


I help influencers and entrepreneurs to...

Grow their business with a powerful personal brand approach.  This includes working out how their marketing strategy can be upheld with fabulous visual assets.

Show the world their unique brilliance.  I feel privileged to capture them. I love how different every single one of my beautiful clients is.

Fill their social media feeds with incredibly shot selfies.  This helps them level up their confidence by themselves, and work on their personal brand message until its time to shoot headshots together.

I am filled with excitement when I see someone progress with this.  It gives me creative sparks.

How we can work together


Improve Your Selfies



Cocktail Fashion Props - Individual Artboards_Cocktail copy

Why I love Cocktails

I love the frivolity of cocktails.  The art and attention to detail that goes into making a drink is everything I love about life.

My Photography Quest

For me, photography provides a whole different way of communicating.  I love building a connection like this thru the camera when I'm working on headshots.

I am always striving to explain how my subject wants to tell their story in every single image I create.

Camera Illustration
Travelling Fashion Props - Individual Artboards_Luggage copy

Travel Vibes

It's safe to say that my life has been dramatically affected by all of the things that come with travelling.  Travelling as a backpacker, living in a different country has given me an insatiable ambition to see as many different places, experience all the climates, and meet as many different people with new ideas and outlooks on life.

Rise of the Feminine

I strongly believe that we are living in an age of dramatic change.  I like to think that this is because mankind is evolving from an age of patriarchy into a time that is more female-infused

Feminism Arrow

People often call me: Lulu, Lozza, The Pearman, Pearmani 


The best way to discuss any idea you have about working together is for us to have a quick chat.

You can book that in here.

A Cyber Cocktail Meeting is a 30min FREE, no-obligation conversation about your headshots.

We can see if we are a good fit.

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