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Seasonal Brand Photo Shoots

It feels so amazing when you have been given your set of beautiful brand photos. Just like Christmas morning as a kid. But flash forward in time to 3-6 months after this and that magic feeling has almost fully petered out.

It’s tricky. Investing in a fresh photoshoot every 6 months probably feels a bit like overkill. After all, you’re not a Kardashian.

What if there was a way to get a regular supply of excitement and visual motivation? What if it never ever had to end?


Enter the Seasonal Brand Photo Shoots Service!

Along with feedback from my regular clients, I’ve noticed that more and more business owners, especially those who are looking to adopt a Personal Brand feel in their businesses are searching for ways to show up more authentically.

Since the lockdown presenting that flawless “laptop lifestyle” feels to some as disingenuous. Seeking that careful balance between celebrating imperfection Vs. posting selfies where you look a “bit trampy” is a common challenge for thousands of modern entrepreneurs. I wanted to create a service where we explore this idea of flaws but through technically stellar photography with all the perks of the service side that come with working with a Professional Expert Photographer.

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Seasonal Brand Photo Shoot Springtime for Michelle Lucherini shot by Laura Pearman Creative


If you are not a fan of flaws and it’s important you position yourself in a strictly professional thought-leadership light, you may prefer to skip on over to my Personal Branding Photography Service instead.

If you are unsure which way, you should be playing this and you now feel that it’s probably a better idea to do some work on the fundamentals of your brand building BEFORE photography I can help you with that here.

How my Seasonal Brand Photo Shoots Service Works


Preparation will include:

  • An initial 30min brand consultancy call.
  • Documented recommendations on a shoot’s series plan for the year ahead.
  • Recommendations and ideas how to direct each shoot 2-3 weeks before every session to achieve your current business goals.
  • Scouting & planning this shoot logistics for you.
  • Confirmed plan via email/slack/dm.


Execution will include:

  • Quick Shoot time (duration based on the option you choose below)
  • A different look/theme at every shoot.
  • 1-2 fast outfit changes at each session.
  • Coaching and guidance on posing to create a wide range of appropriate results.
  • Social media coverage of you and your Call To Action on all shoot days.


Completion will include:

  • Presenting a growing gallery of images from each shoot day. Everything is in the same place for the whole year.
  • You choose the best final images from each session (based on the option you choose below).
  • Retouching the new supply of images after every shoot day.
  • Optimising the new supply of images for SEO performance.
  • Delivering the new supply of images to your preferred cloud storage.
  • A single Commercial Licence for the full collection so you don’t need to worry about copyright.
  • Sharing the behind-the-scenes side of this to promote your business with follow-up content (video on MwahTV and a supporting case study blog).

The Results

A regular supply of fresh photography that feels on-brand but at the same time authentic is the biggest result of this service.

Feedback from my clients’ customers is that they feel like they know them better by seeing more up-to-date fresh visuals on socials.

Having ongoing access to a visual perspective and point of view on how to articulate key sales messages gives clients confidence that these “elevated selfies” are fun and real but a lot more effective in achieving and converting followers into paying customers.

It’s common that a repeated focus on being more visible with a series of photoshoots can feel like hiring a personal trainer to get more fit, but with confidence. Clients report that a surprising result of this service significantly improves how they feel about showing up more professionally.

Seasonal Brand Photo Shoot Results Collage for Michelle Lucherini shot by Laura Pearman Creative
Seasonal Brand Photo Shoot Results Collage for Michelle Lucherini shot by Laura Pearman Creative

Why Choose this Seasonal Brand Photo Shoot Service?

  • You really relate to that feeling of the magic shine wearing off from a previous Brand Photoshoot far too soon compared to your annual photography budget.
  • The idea of being more authentic and imperfect is going to work with your customer base, and it feels right to you on a gut-feeling level.
  • Getting proactive about building your confidence in a regular way is going to help you smash that goal to be a keynote speaker or on 10 podcasts this year.
  • You like the idea of showing different sides of you over different seasons. Having smaller sets of images that work over a whole year feels like a better return on investment than one bigger single shoot a year.

The Investment

Option 1

4 x 1hr long shoots spread out over 12 months | 20 Images included after each shoot (80 Images total)


Option 2

6 x 1hr long shoots spread out over 12 months | 25 Images included after each shoot (150 Images total)


Option 3

9 x 1hr long shoots spread out over 12 months | 25 Images included after each shoot (225 Images total)



Additional Images are £35 each.

Additional Shoot time can be ordered at a reduced rate of £85/hr.

Very detailed retouching requirements may come with an additional design fee, but this will be clear before you’re invoiced with a custom quote.

Payment Plan Available with all options.

I thought I was going to be nervous

I’d like to thank Laura for the great photoshoot experience she delivered for me. It was relaxed and productive. I was always going to hire her to do my headshots, her professionalism and creativity are second to none. I thought I was going to be nervous on our shoot day but Laura has a great way of making you feel relaxed and at ease, which I think has translated very well into the final results. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Gerry King – Funeral Director Websites

Personal Brand Photography for Gerry King Funeral Director Websites
Gerry King

The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Laura offering this in-a-day branding service in a way that respects my time felt like a perfect fit. The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Jo Davidson – Female Leadership Coach.

Brand Strategy In A Day Jo Davidson Female Leadership Coach
Jo Davidson

So Creative

I wanted some relaxed and Professional Headshots. Laura brings such a creative take on how to explain what you do for a living in the photography she creates. I would never have come up with this idea on my own.

Caroline Ford – Mortgage Advisor

Business Headshots for Caroline Ford Mortgage Advisor. Northumberland
Caroline Ford
Metro Mortgages

I love my cover shot!

I am someone who absolutely hates getting my photo taken. The idea of a photo shoot filled me with so much dread. However, within 5 minutes, Laura had me completely relaxed and laughing – and even enjoying it! I am so pleased with how my cover shoot turned out. Laura has such a lovely way with you when she is shooting and can put even the most awkward at ease. I love the final results and am so proud of how it all came out in print too.

Elaine Parker – Serial Entrepreneur

Bespoke Photography of Elaine Parker SaferDate App Founder for The Female CEO Magazine Cover. Editorial Photography
Elaine Parker

My retreat was levelled up enormously

I have a lovely community of Fitness and Wellness Pros from all over the UK and beyond. One of the highlights of the year is to host a luxe in-person retreat. After seeing the incredible photography work Laura did in San Diego I asked her to join us in a 6-Star Resort in Marbella, Spain. She did not disappoint. She was available to my delegates for mini branding photoshoot sessions, she was on the speaking lineup talking about implementing visibility into a fitness and wellness brand, and, we even had time to shoot a FABULOUS Personal Brand session for me. I love my photography, and my community have fallen in love with her too, I highly recommend her especially for online community-based businesses that host a retreat.

Yvonne Radley – Big Me Up Media

Bespoke Photography for the Big Me Up Media Business Retreat to Marbella. Yvonne Radley from Big Me Up Media
Yvonne Radley

So much more fun than I expected

Being able to build trust is hugely important in my line of work. People need to feel comfortable about letting me in their home or place of business. Laura has managed to get this into the creative professional headshots she did for me. I’m thrilled. It’s already making a difference in enquiries.

Clive Perry – Painter & Decorator

Business Headshots Clive Perry Painter and Decorator. Sunderland
Clive Perry
Clive Perry Painter & Decorator

I have had great feedback

I booked a professional headshots photoshoot with Laura to coincide with a conference I was speaking at, as I’d seen some of the work she’d done for colleagues in my industry and it was great!
Despite having a very busy schedule on the day, Laura didn’t try to rush my session and found several locations to give a variety of different, interesting backdrops.
She put me at ease and I think that showed in the results! I have had great feedback on the photos I chose from the session, which I continue to use to this day.

Dr Julia Bramble – Social Media Manager

Professional Headshot Dr Julia Bramble Social Media Manager. Devon
Dr Julia Bramble

Happy to recommend

Me and the team at Michael Offord Optometrists are more than happy to recommend Laura. She was recommended to us back when we were celebrating our 35th anniversary of trading in 2016 and needed some professional photography. When it was time for us to get some fresh Team Photography in 2022 we knew straight away we wanted to work again with Laura. She always does a great job and is a delight to work with.

Michael Offord – Michael Offord Optometrists

Bespoke Photography for Michael Offord Optometrist and Optician. Gosforth Tyne and Wear. Happy to recommend
Michael Offord

Laura is now a part of the Fliprunway family

I saw Laura doing her thing at a conference and knew she would be a great addition to my Fliprunway community and events. We have loved working with Laura to help us with workshop retreat photography, speaking and shooting a conference. She’s photographed an awards event and has been a compare and judge at a virtual awards event! We consider Laura to be a part of the Fliprunway family and will continue to work with her in the future. Such a talent!

Myra Tomlin-Reed – Fliprunway

Bespoke Retreat Photography Myra Tomlin-Reed Fliprunway Paint Distribution. retreat photography Professional Headshots
Myra Tomlin-Reed

Swift Service and Fuss-Free

I needed a quick update on my professional headshots and after meeting Laura at a networking session decided to book her. The shoot was fantastically fast which worked within my busy schedule and I’m pleased with the final results. Swift service and fuss-free. Would recommend.

Paul Steel – Financial Planning

Business Headshot for Paul Steel Mortgage and Financial Advisor Newcastle upon Tyne
Paul Steel
Financial Planning

Visual Marketing Excellence

Visual Marketing Excellence… and I should know. Working in the realm of visual marketing has given me a discerning attitude about how the best brands stand out for the right reasons. Laura knows these subtleties too. She shows up with personal style and brings enthusiasm, originality and a whole heap of talent.  Being out on our Personal Branding photoshoot in downtown San Diego felt like a stroll with a buddy. When I booked her to shoot me deliver a talk at a conference it was like she wasn’t in the room. This approach speaks volumes about how skilled she is. The results are masterful. Do not hesitate to work with her.

Jeff Sieh – Manly Pinterest Tips

Personal Brand Photography for Jeff Sieh Visual Content and Producer Manly Pinterest Tips. San Diego. Visual Marketing Excellence
Jeff Sieh

I forgot she was there!

Getting visual proof of you as a dynamic speaker is a fantastic way to build authority. When Laura was offering this service at one of the conferences I was on the lineup for it felt like a no-brainer to take advantage of this. When I was up there speaking and moving around the room, I completely forgot she was there in the shadows working away. I still get great comments about these shots. I highly recommend this bespoke photography service to any fellow professional speakers out there.

Chris Marr – Global Coaching Performance Director

Bespoke Photography Chris Marr Content Expert and Professional Speaker at Marketed Live. Nottingham
Chris Marr
IMPACT Sales & Marketing Training

Fast AND Fantastic!

After meeting Laura at another photoshoot, I knew she would be the photographer to get an updated professional headshot just right for me. She worked around my busy schedule and I really liked the final work. Great job, highly recommend this service.

Liam Hodgson – Associate Director Incendium Consulting

Business Headshot for Liam Hodgson Associate Director of Incendium Consulting
Liam Hodgson
Incendium Consulting

My previous headshots felt a bit stiff

Coaching and mentoring staff as well as project managing several moving pieces at once makes me the central point of contact in my work. A huge part of this is being seen as calm and relatable. My previous headshots felt a bit stiff and I wanted to get this message across a bit better. I’m so happy with how this set of images came out. Definitely recommend.

Kate MacKay – NHS Consultant & Author

Business Headshots Kate MacKay NHS Consultant and Author
Kate MacKay

Worth every penny

Working in marketing and public relations has a lot to do with image and reputation. It was crucial to me that my clients and future customers could see that I walked the talk and could be trusted. I had a bunch of scattered ideas when I decided to begin working with Laura on a Personal Brand Photoshoot project. She brought the best of these ideas together and over-delivered on planning, directing her creative crew, creating a social media buzz about the shoot, and creating subsequent content that showcased my business AND a collection of magnificent photos I love. If you’re looking to work with the real deal, you need to hire Laura. Trust me.

Kathryn Baird – Marketing Manager

Personal Brand Photography for Kathryn Baird PR & Marketing Manager Tyne and Wear. Worth every penny
Kathryn Baird

She made me feel like Beyonce

When I had booked to go to Social Media Marketing World I knew it was important to document it. Having worked with Laura before when I was a speaker at an event, I was thrilled I had the option to book her. She planned every inch of the shoot and the whole experience made me feel like Beyonce herself. I now have a collection of inspirational imagery that works perfectly to articulate that modern businesses can trust me to manage their content.

Natalie Hailey – Content Manager

Personal Brand Photography for Natalie Hailey Content Manager. San Diego. feel like beyonce
Natalie Hailey

One of my best Creative Suppliers EVER

Laura is one of my best Creative suppliers EVER. Creating the magazine, and coaching has meant I have come into contact with hundreds of different creatives over the years from all over the world. Laura is one of THE best. She has a wonderful way with words and creates a hugely popular column for the magazine on branding and photography. We engaged her to shoot for the cover and also to shoot and direct a creative content crew when we covered a prestigious awards event. This is just the beginning, we will be hiring her a lot more in the future. Book her now, she’s worth the wait.

Tricia Scott- The Female CEO Magazine

Bespoke Photography for Tricia Scott Editor in Chief of The Female CEO Magazine. creative suppliers
Tricia Scott

I got the job

Changing industries in your career is tough. I re-trained and got the qualifications but really needed that little bit extra to get invited to interviews. I decided to try adding a relevant headshot to my job applications. Laura took this brief and really ran with it, so much so that this professional headshot was actually a talking point at the interview and then I got the job! Well worth the investment, I shall continue to recommend her to anyone looking to change up their career.

Thom Crowder – Water Sampler Northumbria Water

Professional Headshot of Thom Crowder Water Production Operator Northumbria Water. Tyne and Wear
Thom Crowder
Northumbria Water

A Fantastic Creative Partner

We needed two types of Content Photography to update our marketing and website. Laura was brilliant at adapting her photographic and creative talents. We shot the entire product line at her studio and then worked together on a luxe fashion shoot. Laura was able to ask me the exact right questions to ensure the work she did support how I wanted our brand to be perceived. With a niche audience, my specifications were meticulous.  She delivered on this and is a fantastic creative partner.

Claire – Laland & Bo

Content Photography Session for Laland and Bo Equestrian Jewellery and Fashion. Creative Partner

Exactly what we needed

Making my yoga studio a beautiful zen space in the middle of the city centre has been a labour of love. Laura came in and captured this mood so that we could show new members what it’s like to join or even just try out any of the classes we have to offer. Laura has helped us so much with creating more social media posts and updating the website. The content shoot service is a great option for any small business owner like me.

Lissa Foley-Hughes – Yogalilies | Life & Lilies

Content Photography for Lissa Foley-Hughes founder of Yogalilies and Life and Lilies
Lissa Foley-Hughes

Order AND Action. An incredible talent! Laura YOU are magical!!!!

It took me seconds to feel on a deep level that Laura is a Goddess of order and action. That’s pretty rare for a Creative Talent as big and beautiful as hers. Shooting with Laura in the gorgeous La Jolla San Diego was a truly magical couple of hours. She brought out the best of me and I LOVE the photography. It’s so much more than just a photo shoot when you work with Laura. She has laser-insight, knows SO MUCH about how to articulate a brand and what’s more, she can break all of those big ideas into order and action that feels manageable.

Trish McKinnley – Manifesting Goddess

order and action. Personal Brand Photography for Trish McKinnley Manifesting Goddess Guide. San Diego
Trish McKinnley

Now I’m really ready to go for it

Setting up a business takes a LOT of guts, determination and focus. When I learned that Laura had a photography service to help me get a decent number of visual assets to pass to my website designer to sort out for me I was delighted. What’s more, she came to my home bakery and was exceptional at working around and with my kids too. Now I’m ready to get those online orders in.

Nicola Montgomery – La Petite Fleur Cakes

Content Photography for Nicola Montgomery Cake Maker. La Petite Fleur Cakes Northumberland
Nicola Montgomery
La Petite Fleur Cakes

This proves how disruptive we really are

One of the most important drivers for this recruitment agency is to disrupt the market we are in. We wanted to underline this by using team photography that feels non-stuffy or overly corporate. Laura is so skilled at getting anyone to relax in front of the camera. We will continue to hire her to capture our growing team.

Amit Pandit – Founder of APT Search

Bespoke Photography for APT Search E-Discovery Team Headshots Session
Amit Pandit

She delivered on my vision

Laura and I first worked together back in the days when she had her studio in 2013. This shoot was an ultra-fun vintage pinup-style shoot, we connected that day and kept in touch. When it was time for me to launch my website and get ready for my book to be published in 2018 I had no hesitation in booking her to help me bring the vision in my mind of how I wanted everything to look and feel to life. Laura delivered on my vision, she can do the same for you and your Personal Branding too.

Ceryn Rowntree – Medium, Therapist, Writer and Guide

Personal Brand Photography for Ceryn Rowntree Medium, Intuitive Coach, Guide and Author. Northumberland. She delivered on my vision
Ceryn Rowntree

Now I can release my EP!

I heard about Laura through a couple of contacts, she came highly recommended. I had a really specific vision for how I wanted this shoot to come out. It had to represent my music and me as an artist. Laura was so respectful of that and she offered up several ways to shoot what was in my head. If you’re looking for a skilled creative collaborator, Laura is your gal.

Natty Lou – Singer-Songwriter

Professional Headshot of Natty Lou Singer Songwriter skilled creative collaborator
Natty Lou