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Brand Strategy: What is it and why do you need it?

In short, brand strategy is the middle bit between where logic meets the creative “application” of a brand. It’s about finding the key facts that exist within a business to build a rational foundation for creative branding to exist. It is the why behind every single creative decision a brand makes. Still unsure? Grab a coffee and watch this short video.

Who Is Brand Strategy For?

EVERYONE who has a brand needs some level of branding strategy.

It is of course a little bit more complex than that. Different methods of strategy need to be applied to businesses of different sizes, and structures as well as in different phases.

Brand strategy is rarely a simple off-the-shelf solution for everyone, because the nitty-gritty detail in your business is unique to you.

This is why I have created two different brand strategy services so I can meet the needs of the businesses I work with best.

Brand Strategy in a Day
With my Brand Strategy in a Day package, I will spend one full day with you and/or your team, and then the Laura Pearman Creative team does the rest for you!

The result is a concise and beautiful brand guidelines document for your business.

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Brand Strategy Program
My brand strategy program teaches you how to build your brand.

If you are accepted into the program, you will get affordable access to me, my leadership and my expertise. There is also the added cohort support with fellow businesses taking part alongside you.

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One of my best Creative Suppliers EVER

Laura is one of my best Creative suppliers EVER. Creating the magazine, and coaching has meant I have come into contact with hundreds of different creatives over the years from all over the world. Laura is one of THE best. She has a wonderful way with words and creates a hugely popular column for the magazine on branding and photography. We engaged her to shoot for the cover and also to shoot and direct a creative content crew when we covered a prestigious awards event. This is just the beginning, we will be hiring her a lot more in the future. Book her now, she’s worth the wait.

Tricia Scott- The Female CEO Magazine

Bespoke Photography for Tricia Scott Editor in Chief of The Female CEO Magazine. creative suppliers
Tricia Scott

The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Laura offering this in-a-day branding service in a way that respects my time felt like a perfect fit. The results from this are still paying off in my business now.

Jo Davidson – Female Leadership Coach.

Brand Strategy In A Day Jo Davidson Female Leadership Coach
Jo Davidson

We highly recommend you get Laura’s expert help

We are very happy with our brand guidelines and feel confident about our next steps ahead. If you feel ready to be more in control of how to stay current in your market, we highly recommend you get Laura’s expert help.

Ian & Sharon Matthias – MCE Railway Safety.

Brand Strategy In A Day MCE Railway Safety brand guidelines and brand strategy service
Ian & Sharon Matthias