You have a really clear vision in your mind of precisely what photography you need to accentuate your brand. None of my other Brand Photography services suit this vision. So let's build something bespoke to you.

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What You Need To Know About Bespoke Photography With Me

Who Is The Bespoke Photography Service For?

  • Perfect if you have a really clear picture of how you want your brand photography to end up looking (and none of my other services will work).
  • If you are looking to develop a longer-term working relationship with a photographer that you feel "gets you".
  • If you felt disappointed with any commercial photography results in the past.
  • If something really specific and key is about to happen in your business and you need just the right photography to support this.

If that sounds like you then the Bespoke Photography service is a great fit for you.

What Does The Bespoke Photography Service Include?

The Bespoke Photography Service is designed to suit your exact needs. To get started you can expect it to include:

  • At least 1hr Planning time.
  • Mood boarding out your vision.
  • Add in specific skilled crew members as needed.
  • Shooting Time to deliver what you need.
  • Online Gallery Presentation.
  • A Collection of Final Images to deliver what you need.
  • All Final Images to be Retouched & Optimised for SEO.
  • Images Sized for all your needs.
  • Images delivered with full commercial licencing.*
  • Social Media to support your Call To Action before, during & after shoot day.
  • Feature Spot on Mwah TV.*

The Bespoke Photography service takes as long as you need it to take. In all bespoke bookings, I do my very best to accommodate your timeline and schedule. As a really rough guide, my bespoke booking projects take between 1-4 months to complete.

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how the bespoke brand photography service works

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Why am I the best to shoot your Bespoke Brand Photography?

Hi! I'm Laura!

Also Known As - A Creative Swiss Army Knife.

I take the time to understand how your true essence fits into what you do. This pre-shooting consultation is crucial. I work out how we can bake your true essence into your photography. This is what makes it branded. Brand Photography helps you make more money in your business.

I know about marketing and branding. Every single one of my wild creative ideas is grounded in a sensible, measurable strategy.

After any shoot with me, you can expect to feel clarity in how the rest of the world sees you, you'll learn skills about how to better articulate this for your business. Whatsmore, you will be oozing extra self-confidence adding a little bass to your walk.

Over the Years My Brand Photography Has Been Featured By

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The Crack Magazine
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What Is Really Possible From Such A Diverse Service?

Why Should You Pick The Bespoke Photography Service?

Over my years in the Creative Industries shooting and directing hundreds of professional photo-shoots around the world trust me when I say that in a certain percentage of bookings sometimes a client knows EXACTLY what they need in the way of photography.

In some cases, a key event or launch informs so much of a booking that it's just impossible to get what needs to happen to fit into one of my more curated Brand Photography Services.

If you feel like this about what's going on for you in your business then we probably need to look at creating a service Bespoke for you.

Trish McKinnley Intuitive & Spiritual Guider SQ - Shot By Laura Pearman Creative

Where does the Bespoke service happen?

In general, I prefer to pair where I am shooting with the wider aesthetic my client is looking to portray through their brand photography.  So more often than not Bespoke Photography Service is shot on a location that we plan out together.  This can be indoors at a venue that matches the mood of your business or outside.

On the rare occasion that specific lighting styles or controlled effects are needed, I use studio space hired out specifically for the duration of your session time.

I work internationally, year-round.

Don't Want To Pay Travel Costs?

If you don't want to pay for me and the Fox Force 5 Team to come to you, then perhaps we can meet up together on our combined travels?  We can chat about this in more detail in our Cyber Cocktail appointment.

how much does the bespoke photography service cost?

Let's get Bespoke-planning

It's really important that we are a good fit together.  I always recommend you do the work to find the right photographer for you.

By having a no-obligation chat, you can tell me what you're looking for and ask me any questions you might have.  

We can see if the vibes are there to make for an enjoyable working experience together too.

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Are These Questions In Your Mind?

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Download The Current Brochure

Why not take a copy of my current collection of services?  This is the easiest way to compare all the ways we can work together before making a decision.

The Bespoke Photography Service begins at £1995. Price can be affected by:

  • Exactly where you want to shoot
  • Exactly how many people are going to be there
  • If we need to factor in working with kids and animals
  • If you need my help hiring an elephant or helicopter
  • Making this session precisely what you need it to be

Bespoke Photography Service Not For You?

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