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No More Bish-Bash-Bosh!

Natasha Idvanov Newcastle Headshots 2017

I have been known to transform some of the most nervous entrepreneurs into brand photography loving or at the very least, brand photography understanding business owners.

Even if the idea of a photoshoot makes you want to run and hide under your duvet, I promise that working with me will pull you away from that ultimate fear towards a deeper appreciation for the true power of brand photography.

Over time, knowing how photography helps your business will give you working knowledge of how to plan this for the growth of your business as it evolves. It is my quest to become your brand photography partner over the years, I truly want to join you on the exciting journey of your business together.

If you’re sick and tired of working with the “bish-bash-bosh” type of photographers who deliver technically good shots, but shots that are not fully attuned to your business, your brand or your particular business needs right now, then it is time to find the right photographic partner for your business. I’m in it for the long haul. I want to be there to help you no matter how small your photography needs are, and I want to do that with you as your business grows and evolves over time.

Is Your Photography Folder Sad?

There is nothing more disappointing than scrolling with despair in your headshots or photography folder only to see the same paltry collection of out of date and out of context photographs of yourself. The minute you recognise this is the minute you find yourself repeatedly subjecting yourself to this frustrating disappointment over and over again.

Enough already! Let’s get this folder on your cloud storage filled up with fresh imagery that sparks excitement back into your quest as a goal-getting entrepreneur again.

Let’s transform you from a sad and out-of-date folder owner to the best version of yourself right NOW as you lead in your business. WITHOUT falling back on empty excuses like:

Richard QuirkySQ

“I need to lose ten pounds first”

“Let me build up my tan for a bit”

“Let me try to get a couple quick selfies in portrait mode”

With a professionally planned, and executed brand photoshoot you can svelte your silhouette with my tried and tested posing hacks, camera angles. We can give you the skin of your dreams with some planning and professional lighting. I can help build up a bank of varied shots without you having to worry about learning the right angles or get your brain around the intricacies of phone photography.

And what's more, I will use my unique experience in branding and photography to make sure that the images we create are in alignment with your business messaging, and will work for you as opposed to against you.

Claire Jenks Sch-Wham Headshots Session

Common Signs You Need Better Brand Photography

The most common reason I have heard from clients in my years as a professional brand photographer to get fresh photography is that their website designer has said they can’t work with the images they already have. 

In an ideal world, you plan photography a little more in advance than this.

This puts you in a place where you can forecast where you have imagery gaps are coming up in line with your marketing plan.

But... I totally get it, we’re not all perfect at planning far ahead and sometimes a photography need pops up out of nowhere when you’re a busy entrepreneur working to a tight deadline.

Signs Like...

Common symptoms that indicate you need better and more current brand photography is that you are aware you are being misunderstood. This can look like:

this is the new one for 2021
this is the new one for 2021

Maybe you are sick of getting enquiries about doing more junior-level work and you feel frustrated that people don’t seem to be taking you that seriously?

Even though you KNOW you are way more qualified and experienced than that bigger entrepreneur you keep seeing online, you can see that in order to show up to prove this, you need to have some better images that explain your brand in your arsenal.

Sometimes the entrepreneurs I work with have identified that in order to hit their big hairy goal for their business they need some great photography behind them, but when we get into the nitty-gritty of this we learn that actually, their brand is a little out of whack and the right place to begin is to get that into alignment before planning a shoot.

This Isn't Your First Photo Shoot

You may have experienced working with a lower level photographer who doesn’t shoot for a niche. By this, I mean a photographer who may be shot your wedding, or your baby when they were a cute wrinkly newborn. Working in these niche sectors of photography come with their own unique challenges. They require an incredible amount of niched skill.

Knowing how to get a grouchy grannie to smile instead of spoiling a family photo, or,

Knowing how to distract the bitchy bridesmaid from ruining the getting ready shots, or,

Trish McKinnley creative direction


These are all skills that take a LOT of time, practice and experience. Asking this photographer with these unique skills to ditch all they know and suddenly be able to confidently analyse your business model, marketing plan and elements of your brand is like expecting:

A carpenter who can carve your face into a piece of wood to be cool with carving your face out of marble - but with carpenters tools

A seasoned navy officer gladly jumps out of a plane with a bunch of paratroopers.

A motorbike mechanic finding their way around the engine of an aeroplane and is happy to sign off that it is safe to fly.

Your website designer to knock up a decent logo for you.


Michelle Lucherini creative direction

imagery that plays the symphony of you

You have your vision of why you set up your business. You have a list of goals you want to smash, and you might have even worked out exactly how you want to celebrate when you complete these goals. Cocktails on a yacht anyone?

Let’s not stop all of this exciting progress from failing just because you’re not showing up in the right way. 

Together we can turn up the volume of your business through imagery that plays the symphony of you to your perfect clients and ideal audience.

Let’s empower you and your team with a folder that is abundant with brand imagery that you will feel confident in using over and over.

Turn Up The Volume on Your Business

As you have probably already gathered from taking a look around on the website, I offer even more than just brand photography. With my years of experience in marketing and then as a professional photographer a lot of my clients have been delighted that when working with me they came away with so much more than just great brand photography.

Spending time on figuring out a creative impetus behind the way your imagery needs to look and feel comes as an added bonus when selecting any of my brand photography services. 

All of my services come with a dose of creative brand consultancy to make sure we know exactly why that location works for you, why that outfit is better than the other option, exactly what we want to explain through the images we create. With your unique why as our driving force, my team and I take care of executing this for you. I want to ensure we take care of all of this complicated reverse engineering for you to leave you feeling like a rockstar on your shoot day.

When that initial high of being the centre of your photo shoot experience is all over, it is then my quest to ensure you have a delightful collection of images that are fit for purpose and ready to perform for your business goals over and over again.

Myra Tomlin-Reed creative direction

If a picture says a thousand words, let’s make those one thousand words all about your business.

The Laura Effect

I have been known to transform some of the most nervous entrepreneurs into photography loving or at the very least, photography understanding business owners.

Even if the idea of a photoshoot makes you want to run and hide under your duvet, I promise that working with me will pull you away from that ultimate fear towards a deeper appreciation for the power of photography.

Creative Partnership

Over time, knowing how photography helps your business will give you working knowledge of how to plan this for the growth of your business as it evolves. It is my quest to become your photography partner over the years, I truly want to join you on this journey together.

WEB SQ Laura Pearman - Laura Pearman Creative

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We all take the Boot-Strapping Approach in the Beginning

All business owners begin with a bootstrapping mindset. We think that to save money we should sacrifice all of our time on doing it all on our own. To some extent this does work, and for a lot of people, they attribute this DIY approach to surviving their fledgling years running a business.

bootstrapping brand photography - Laura Pearman Creative

Then there comes a time to change

There comes a time when we have to learn that this approach is not sustainable. Sometimes we burn out, or we get tired of saying 'no' to our family, friends and personal lives. We learn that in order to take our businesses to the next level, we need to appoint the right people to help us get there. We get started by picking the things we know we are not naturally all that good at.

For me, this was finding people I could trust with my numbers (numbers are not my strong point). It might be that imagery or branding or creativity is something you feel you don’t have that much natural ability with.

I can step in and give you my experience and years of honing this skill for entrepreneurs like you to level up your brand and visuals.

If you feel like branding and creativity is your jam, that’s cool too! I love hanging out with my creative brethren. Maybe you feel like you need that sounding board to come in as a creative partner to jam with you on your big ideas and help make them even better, and real.

Meet My Brand Photography Clients

I love to document each of my brand photography experiences with all of my different clients. These remain the most popular performing pieces of content that I create. Sure, there is the nosey factor to consider when thinking about why this is, but I prefer to think that it’s because people love how I adapt what I do to fulfil each unique business need, and because I’m totally transparent about exactly how I do it.

You can take a quick look at some of my recent photoshoot stories to find out more here:

Photoshoot Stories

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Annie Leibovitz

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

David Alan Harvey

Different Ways I Can Shoot Brand Photography For You

You might prefer to take a closer look at each of my brand photography services. These have been tailored to different needs and to different budgets.

Download all the details

I fully appreciate that when you are looking to make an investment like this back into your business, that you want to shop around. It drives me potty when businesses try to make "shopping around" as difficult as possible.

To combat this I have put all of the key information into this brochure that you can download straight to your inbox. This way when it comes to making a decision you have all of the information you need in one place. 

2021 21-23 Head-On Mock Up WEB

Why It Always Begins With A Cyber Cocktail

For Any of my Photography Services, we always begin with a Cyber Cocktail Session together first. Here we check that you have picked out the right service to meet your needs and we can begin sharing ideas on how to create brand photography that will work best for you.

This is a really great way for you to field any questions with me, get my help picking out the right service for your needs and see if you think I'm overall a good fit for you and your business. Cyber Cocktails happen online, and you can "Bring Your Own - B.Y.O" Cocktail, Mocktail or even just a cup of coffee. To get yours booked, just pick a date, then a time and complete a booking form.

I'll take care of the rest.

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