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Maybe You've Already Tried...

Maybe you tired piecemealing

Chipping Away At It

Perhaps you have done the odd piece of brand strategy-like activities. But they were all standalone and at different times.

You might have done one course on your ideal customer and then attended a workshop about moodboarding.

But everything you have is missing the glue to hold it all together, it’s all in different folders and some of it might be wrong or out of date now.

Using A Template

Buying a pretty brand guidelines template and making a plan to fill it in and have an afternoon on Canva with yourself may seem like a good idea.

But when you opened it, the Pro-forma details raise some complicated questions you didn't have the answer to, so you moved on to something else instead.

Maybe you tried a template
Maybe you are ignoring it

Ignoring It

It's normal to go with a scrappy-start-up approach at the beginning of building a business. But once you have moved past this phase of business problems begin to surface.

Signs Brand Strategy In A Day Is Right For You

this is the new one for 2021

Experiencing clients that you don't click with.

this is the new one for 2021

Team members doing work that just isn't hitting the mark creatively.

this is the new one for 2021

Feeling like what’s in your heart and your head for your business isn't coming out in the way you deliver your products/services or in your marketing activities.

this is the new one for 2021

Your competition seems to be dominating even though you KNOW you are the better choice.

this is the new one for 2021

You don't understand why clients don't feel delighted enough to remain loyal to you.

this is the new one for 2021

Showing up creatively appeals to you when you think about your brand but you have run into some hurdles trying to get different types of creatives on the same page.

this is the new one for 2021

You feel like all of the DIY work you have done on building your brand so far is marvellous, but you are just not seeing enough of a return on investment so now you’re starting to wonder where the gaps might be in your strategy.

this is the new one for 2021

You can see the importance of having a really good brand guidelines document but you haven't the time or inclination to create this yourself or do the work on your own or with slower-paced guidance like in my programme

Why You Should NEVER Spend Big On Your First Brand

How Building Your Brand Strategy In A Day Works


When you book this day you are enlisting the support of serious experts. Having worked in the creative industries for years with hundreds of different businesses I know how to get you thinking about your business with a fresh feeling of clarity.


During our day together there is a strong chance that I will riff or put your ideas together but in a new creative way, or with a style or aesthetic you have never considered. That feels exciting.


You’re really ready to give yourself the gift of more time that comes from having this work documented. The time that this will save in de-briefing suppliers, getting endless revisions of work carried out, and in not ever having to do all of the work on your own late at night way after the deadline.


Confidence in how and why your brand will continue to work to generate the level of income you know you deserve. A refreshed crystal clear vision of the real future of the business. No more pipe-dreams and whims


The unsexy side of branding strategy is often one of the main reasons people tell me why they don’t complete this in-house alone. Being able to go over fine details in an objective way can feel like a heavy burden. Getting this fixed once and for all will feel so much lighter.

What Other People Say

The Phase of Your Business

It's important you fit into a specific stage of business growth. This level of strategic branding is likely not going to suit a new business start-up that is still proving its concept with a minimum viable version of what they want to sell.


You may have been in business for a number of years selling a similar repertoire of products or services and now you want to expand your business by adding to that.

This might look like introducing a scaleable online version of your expertise in more of a one-to-many fashion.

OR, you might be looking to create a sub-brand that interlocks with the reputation and audience you have built.

Making the shift from a scrappy start-up to an organised and defined brand is what you are ready for next.


Maybe the next stage of your business requires a tour for external investment?

Perhaps you have invented the next incredible widget that is going to make the world's lives easier or better for our planet?

But you’re the brains behind the operation, all of this "branding stuff" needs to be honed and made ready for the angel investors to buy into.


It’s probably safe to say that if you are not malleable to world events around you as a business owner of our current times, then you are going to get caught short at some point.

Pivoting fast and effectively is the name of the game, and you need the right strategy in the branding of your business to support your quick-as-a-cat intentions.

Priming for Exit

Exiting from a business you have built can take many forms.

You might be looking to sell, pass your empire down to an heir or merge with the right partner.

To make this transition as profitable for all involved it might be time to get all of your branding ducks in a row.

How You See The World

You're Probably:

You're Not:

What's Included


When you decide what day you’d like your Brand Strategy Intensive day to be on, we begin preparations from this by collecting up all of the key data you may already have to help us get fully de-briefed and ready for our day together.

If we identify any important gaps in the work you have, I may advise an additional preliminary fact-finding activity to improve preparations for the day. This means that you can feel confident going into a full day out of your business that I come ready and correct to really maximise our time together.

Recommendations are made on a client-by-client basis. Additional costs are highlighted before any additional work is carried out.


Up to 6 hours of intensive focused time to discuss the inner workings of your business and what is the right definition and articulation of the brand that underpins your business.

This time gives us the opportunity to work through a number of activities together to reveal where there may be any gaps or misalignments. It is also a wonderful think-tank to begin the birth of new creative ideas, style choices and execution.


One of the key outputs of this service is a beautifully robust brand guidelines document. This makes any creative activity as a business a lot more efficient and effective. People find this one-day intensive experience to be incredibly inspirational from the clarity it brings and the new ideas it stirs up. When done as a senior management team it can also feel like a great way to unite through a shared vision.

The Investment


Due to the intensive nature of this service, we aim to work as much as possible to your schedule preferences, but at the same time avoid carrying out too many of these services at the same time. It is recommended that you get in touch to book this date in as much advance as possible to secure completion that works with the rest of your business schedule. Previous clients have booked this with 3-6months advance notice on average.

Change the Modality & Save BIG

This is absolutely the right place to be if you are not prepared to be flexible on:

  • when we work on this.
  • If you want me to tackle it for you.
  • If you want my undivided attention.

If however you are flexible on all of these points combined then you might be able to get exactly what you need for a much lower pricepoint.

Let's Get Started

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With An Email

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What will happen after this?

In your cyber cocktail, we will compare schedules and get me up to speed with where your business is currently at and what you are looking to achieve. 

You choose when you’d like to spend the day together on building your brand strategy in a day together and I’ll take care of the rest.

Answer all of the details in the enquiry form and we’ll come back with what availability is possible around your requirements and we’ll invite you to a Cyber Cocktail to have more of an initial chat to get started.

Looking To Source Funding For Your Brand Growth Plans?

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Feel the freedom of delegating this out to an expert and committing one day of your time to the process.

How Is A Brand Book Used?

Save Brain Power

To support your onboarding process for a new member of staff.

To delegate effectively to any creative supplier: A Graphic Designer, A Website Designer, A Social Media Manager, A Photographer, A Videographer, A Sound Production Service, A Personal Stylist, An Ads Expert, A Copywriter.

When you’re planning any marketing campaign or the next promotional activity.

To help you hone your key points before a speaking gig or appearance.

Its Permanent

No more procrasti-branding! Re-doing the bits of your brand you enjoy being involved in (this usually this includes colours and logo design) and avoiding the bits that make a real impact on your bank balance (understanding the inner psyche of your customers and how to get them to emotionally invest in you).

Rosetta Stone

Your brand book is just like the rosetta stone of your brand as a whole. It decodes the messages you want to convey, it articulates why you do things the way you do them, and it explains how that is executed in a branded way for all to understand.

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