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Secret Brand Owner Style Leading Laverne & You’ve Stepped Into Your Power!

As a Leading Laverne, you’ll probably nod with a wry smile when I tell you, you have stepped into your power as a leading woman of our time. High Five! That takes a LOT of hard work and determination.


Your Next Big Branding Challenge

To make sure nothing gets in your way or slows you down, it’s now time for you to objectively assess what you have in place when it comes to the different areas of your brand so that you can feel confident and in control that your future business vision is to your pre-planned schedule.

Effective AND Enjoyable.

It’s time to welcome the era of leading your brand to the next big goal on your mind.

Leading Laverne Branding Flow-State

  • A BIG Picture Visionary.
  • Confident and welcoming to the concept of Delegation for accelerated growth.
  • Likely to get a kick out of the personal development side of leadership for yourself as well as the altruistic part of helping others develop too.
  • Your innate ambition lends well to the branding aspects of creating a legacy for good as a by-product of how you prefer to do business.
  • You’re likely to get the subtle art of crafting your own personal brand in additional alignment with all the ventures you want to build, grow and collaborate on.
  • You’re usually up for putting yourself out there and taking risks.
  • You can accurately see what makes you different and probably better in comparison to your competitors.

Brand Owner Flow State

When it comes to the best version of yourself owning and rocking your brand, it will naturally be about maintaining your comfortable position as a Leader.

You’re confident in yourself to know that there is power AND profits in delegating as much as possible to creative specialists and supporting team members to get your brand to perform optimally to fulfil the big-picture vision you have for it.

You feel joy in leading from the rear, which is to say, you empower your skilled team to feel confident to push things forward autonomously whilst giving them the space to determine when you need to sign things off or provide wise guidance.

Leading Laverne Branding Friction-State

  • You can skip or gloss over details to your detriment.
  • When you must do it all yourself you bore quickly and can sometimes feel resentful about compromising your time.
  • Your generosity in supporting others to develop can be distracting from working on your own profits.
  • The news is triggering to you, when you’re down you tend to despair at not being able to contribute enough to make the world a better place.
  • People in your orbit see you as a glittery shiny advocate for their gains. Without being cautious you can get sucked into being a charming spokesperson for others which detracts from your need to focus on you and your brand building.
  • Your zesty joie de vivre can sometimes mean you see risks through rose-tinted glasses.
  • Competitors will continuously copy and mimic what you do. Use this to your advantage by always being a few steps ahead. This is the work you have to do to continue being the trailblazer in your world.

Brand Owner Friction

An out-of-sync Laverne is full to the brim with frustration. You might find yourself muttering

“you just can’t get the staff”

on a daily or hourly basis?

It irks you to step into a micro-managing position filling in irritating communication breakdowns or the lack of team focus.

You’re equally incensed at how much money you’re investing whilst also forecasting underwhelming returns. Especially exacerbated when all of this is taking far too much of your precious time to deliver.

How my Personal Branding Photography Service Works


Preparation will include:

  • An initial 30min brand consultancy call
  • Documented recommendations on how to direct the shoot to achieve your wider business goals and personal brand building plan.
  • A follow-up 30min shoot planning call
  • Support and guidance in scouting appropriate locations.
  • Optional extra introductions and guidance to additional suppliers (make-up, hair, styling, special FX).


Execution will include:

  • Half day shoot time.
  • Using 2-3 different locations as planned.
  • Outfit changes (up to 8).
  • Coaching and guidance on posing to create a wide range of appropriate results.
  • Directing any suppliers on your behalf.
  • Social media coverage of you and your call to action from the crew on shoot day.


Completion will include:

  • Presenting a gallery of images from our Brand Photography Shoot Day.
  • Working together to narrow this collection down to your best 50 images.
  • Retouching the final collection.
  • Optimising the final collection for SEO performance that supports your Personal Brand building plans.
  • Delivering the final collection to your preferred cloud storage.
  • Commercial Licencing so you don’t need to worry about copyright.
  • Sharing the behind-the-scenes side of this to promote your business with follow up content (video on MwahTV and a supporting blog).

Next Step Recommendations