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What You Want

Is really not that complicated.

You want to be THE go-to authority in your industry.

You KNOW you have the chops to back this up. You have worked tirelessly and made many sacrifices to get to the level you're at now. 

"More Please!"

Experience and skill just haven't been able to do enough to get you to where you have in your mind's eye. What's more, you keep on noticing people in your chosen field who are far less knowledgeable, skilled or experienced as you are taking the glory and the money.

You know that it's your time now to claim what is rightfully yours, on your terms and in your style.

So That

  • You can embrace more financial freedom to invest in the things that matter to you in this world.
  • You can take a seat at that board table to steer decisions that matter with your voice and viewpoint.
  • Being more present for your family in this season of your life is achievable.
  • You can use your platform to create more good in the world.

What You Need

You want your business to stand out and grow AND You want to be recognised as a leader in your industry.

A Brand Strategy

Fully figure out where you need to focus your efforts first to get to where you want to be faster.

With A Clear Creative Direction

Get there in a way that is totally unique to you and how you want to be recognised and remembered.

And Incredible Brand Photography

Articulate the visual side of how you want to make people feel as a result of having met you.

This is My Mission for Laura Pearman Creative

I want to live in a world with more female leaders.

In my years working with hundreds of business owners around the world I have seen so many female experts that dominated at school and out-performed their male colleagues in corporate.

But then life happened!

I've found that many women set up their own businesses to juggle the rest of their life on their terms and schedule.

I'm the Creative Swiss Army Knife that helps you cut through the noise I know you feel bombarded by when it comes to the "creative stuff" in your business. I exist to give more incredible expert Female Leaders the confidence to embrace their uniqueness and claim more of the spotlight in their industry.

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HI! I'm Laura Pearman

Brand Strategist | Creative Director |Brand Photographer

Jargon & Pseudo-intellectual flimflam

1. What is Branding Strategy? Really?

In short, branding strategy is the middle bit between where logic meets the creative "application" of a brand. It's about finding the key facts that exist within a business to build a rational foundation for creative branding to exist. It is the why behind every single creative decision a brand makes.

Or, just think of watermelon with me for a couple of minutes.

2. What is Creative Direction? Really?

Creative direction, or the much-esteemed title of "Creative Director" really leaves most of us in the dark, doesn't it?

Are you like Mr Jay on America's Next Top Model shouting at models all day?

Or do you have a different kind of elusive power accessorised by a Fairtrade cashmere scarf?

In this tiny part of the internet, here on this site, when I talk about Creative Direction. I mean this in its most literal way.

  • Directing any form of Creativity (usually about branding Female Owned & Led Businesses).
  • Pushing creative in a pre-determined direction. "We're going this way, not that way because ______"
  • Leading a creative idea from fruition to wrap up. Yes, just like a Project Manager in the Corporate world or Construction industry. The person who gets people to get it all done right, on time and on budget.

3. What is Brand Photography? Really?

A hugely misunderstood creative application of a brand strategy with the medium of photography.

I got my start in creative photography and firmly believe that this term is widely misused by a lot of users and suppliers in the online business arena.

I'd go as far as to say that unless a business is able to provide a photographer with an accurate and officially documented brand guidelines document it is impossible to really declare a photograph fulfils the specification of a brand photograph.

Before the term "Brand Photography" or "Branded Photoshoot" was as commonly used as it is today, we in the photography business called this style of photography "Headshots".

There are 5 types of Headshots. See how I break them down here.

4. Laura, Why have these Terms been put into this Sequential Order?

Simply put, they need to work in this order to achieve the best results and success. This is a cornerstone of how we see things here at Laura Pearman Creative.

Shall We Seal this With A Kiss? 💋

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A Creativity Amuse-Bouche To Help You Get Started?

How to Sex Up Your Creativity - The Playbook

My How To Sex-Up Your Creativity Playbook introduces you to my overall philosophy that EVERYONE is able to be a lot more creative in business and life if they overcome their initial fears that creativity itself is a magical God-given gift.

Here at Laura Pearman Creative, I firmly believe that it isn't.

This is the set of processes I have spent my life's work investing in, learning and honing to build my career so far as a respected creative entrepreneur and academic.

Run through them with my guidance and the help of 1950s housewife Margot who literally has NO idea compared to where you're at with your creative abilities right now.

If Margot can figure this out to discover creativity from her shackled lifestyle, then I have no doubts you'll fully SLAY IT.

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