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Watch this episode of MwahTV to find out how to build your brand on your terms

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Branding on Your Terms

Teaching people how to build their brand the way they want to is one of the key drivers behind why I deliver my branding program online. It’s aimed at expert business owners and leaders who have done all the hard work to become serious experts within their chosen field. However, they are now at a point with their career and entrepreneurial adventure where they are sick of all the years of compromise.

They want to build something that is strictly on their terms, that helps them to fulfil the sort of life they want. Without compromise.

In this episode, I have 7 different reasons to apply to the next round of my program. There are also some behind-the-scenes secrets revealed and the information you need to make an informed decision for you and your business.

Answers To Your Branding Questions

If you have always wondered what goes on inside my branding program and if this is the right fit for your business based on what you’re looking to achieve right now, then this episode is going to cover answers to your questions.

I’m revealing some insider secrets about how this is developing and we’re covering some new developments following the completion of my last cohort.

By the end of this episode, you will have a crystal-clear decision made on if this is the right next step for you.

Branding Strategist Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Creative

REASON 1: Beta-Pricing

At the time of creating this episode (April 2023) and airing this episode for the first time (May 2023), I decided that want to keep my program in a beta phase. Behind the scenes, I have been reflecting.

Instead of running with a finalised ultimate perfection branding program, which to be perfectly honest with you suits my tendency towards creative perfectionism, I want to rail against that.

I’m currently embracing the notion that “doing is better than perfect” and I am pushing myself to be fully authentic about this as an adventurous journey as a female business owner.

In short, it just did not feel right to try and sell something as if it was a finished and fully optimised program.

Fear Not

My branding program is still utterly amaze-balls from an end-user point of view and the nature of things being like this is really going to appeal to adventurous founders who feel excited about being involved in shaping and refining something as well as developing their branding knowledge and practice for their own business.

As well as being fully transparent about this, it felt right to run this next round at a beta-price point. So it might be that if you are not such an adventurous spirit, this fair and reduced price point based on this reason is a big deal for you in forming a decision about applying and snagging a major bargain.

REASON 2: Going Live!

I’m going to be running this next cohort in a LIVE style of delivery. This means that everything will be given at a fixed pace and with a clear beginning, middle and end date.

The key benefit of this delivery style is that it makes your time fully planned for you. If you know that you work better with a “get it done” element instead of tinkering away forever on a more relaxed schedule, then this is a big benefit and potential reason for you to apply to take part.

REASON 3: 6 Modules

There are many different styles of workflow when it comes to doing any type of branding project. I’m sure that you have more than one way of doing things inside your business. We tailor things according to what our customer or client needs, don’t we?

Having this flow of modules in this order gives every single member of this next cohort exactly what they need to get serious about building a brand on her terms.

I go into this structure in more detail on the application page which is now live here

This Isn’t For You If…

This is not the set of branding strategy modules you need if you are about to start up a business. This is not the set of branding modules you need if you are going to sell your business.

This IS For You If…

This is strictly for the business owner who has been around for a while and feels frustrated about their brand not working in the way they want to help create the life that they want.

What we cover is to find out why this is, and then really refine things so that you can focus on precisely what you need to do next to get to where you’re going faster.

With These Outcomes

Sometimes the outcome of this is to now get more visible. It has been an outcome to now served more of this type of person and tell this sort of person

“Thanks but I can’t help you”.

Or to explore what needs to be changed operationally for a team, or for the systems and processes to fulfil the vision instead of getting in the way.

It’s all about getting to these decisions with logic and serious strategic leg work. With this work done my clients feel empowered to make a confident right next step decision.

REASON 4: You Need To Apply

I’ve done a few different types of branding programs myself over the years and one of the biggest benefits I’ve had when there is an application process is I can feel confident about the overall quality of the cohort. It’s not an ‘anyone gets in’ situation.

I’ve noticed in past rounds that one of the biggest areas of resistance is:

“Laura, who else is going to in there”

and I fully get that.

If you’re going to be in a group with other business owners, you want to know that if you’re opening up about your business and the inner workings of your brand that you’re not going to be in there with a direct competitor.

This is what the application process helps me to provide to you. This gives me the right level of information about every applicant to ensure that I get the right mix of people in the group without conflict of interest but also with a nice blend of new networking opportunities and new ideas.

Personal Branding Photography of Jo Davidson Female Leadership Coach

REASON 5: New People On Your Wavelength

I’m sure this is not the first time you’ve read this Jim Rohn quote:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

This idea suggests that the 5 people you spend the most time with shape who you are as a person, but they also have a heavy bias on the thoughts in your mind and conversations you have.

Perfect For You If

This is a huge opportunity for you to throw yourself into the mix with fellow experts who are in the same position when it comes to building a brand on your terms.

But most importantly these will be people who want to do the work to get to their goal.

This could be a massive benefit for anyone who feels surrounded by ‘Negative Nancys’ or is struggling to find a new posse of people who are on the same level as they are; not too far ahead, and definitely not hugely far behind either.

REASON 6: Experimental Upgrades

This is a new experiment that I want to try out in this next cohort. I’m doing this in response to previous alumni experiences.  I want to see if there are any trends in which bits of the program people find so difficult, they want to outsource the heavy lifting to me and my team to take care of. So far, the numbers are not weighted enough to warrant a permanent change in the workflow and delivery.

To Combat Fear Of Negative Feedback

I had one lady so utterly terrified of interviewing people about her brand that she almost quit. She didn’t I’m happy to report but she felt so much resistance to the idea of having anyone tell her anything negative it got me wondering how many more women are out there just like her.

To Overcome Creativity Block

I had different women in other cohorts who felt blocked because they see themselves as experts in what they do, and ipso facto that must mean that they are not creative. When this has happened, we’ve worked on overcoming this. Often experts are really closeted creatives who just haven’t used their abilities on branding work before.

But nevertheless, these scenarios have gotten me to think about taking that resistance and pain away as an optional extra. Especially if this resistance is at such a high level, it would mean a perfect expert would consider submitting her application because of this.

The Experiment

My goal here is to also test out how the option to upgrade may or may not suit an expert leader who experiences a sledgehammer to her schedule.

Adding in this option to delegate some of the workloads on the programme to me and my team and to support this could have a beautiful outcome without the feeling of frazzled stress.

REASON 7: Content Creation Accountability

I offer a bonus to anyone who wants to be held accountable for creating video-based content. Previous alumni have seen this offer as an amazing benefit that gave them the push, they needed to start getting more confident about creating videos confident with this accountability to practice. As someone who has been doing video content like this for a while, I had completely forgotten how this can feel like a significant hurdle.

That’s why I have made it a good reason in today’s episode.

An Accountability Reward

In short, if you are avoiding making videos in your business even though you know how effective and powerful making videos in your business is then this bonus in applying to this round of the On Her Terms Branding Programme might be the final lil push you needed. I hold your account to make a short series of honest video diaries throughout your experience. Some of these are then used in my marketing material.

As a thank you there is a bonus when you say yes to this on the application form.

Fancy a chat before you apply? Book a call now.

Timestamps For This Episode Of #MwahTV

00:00 Episode Begins

01:52 Reason 1 BETA pricing

03:54 Reason 2 Going LIVE!

06:24 Reason 3 My 6 Module Framework

10:42 Reason 4 Applications ONLY

13:32 Reason 5 New People

15:52 Reason 6 Experimental Upgrades

19:02 Reason 7 Content Incentive

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