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Musician Headshot Photography for Professional Guitarist Edd Carr

An old school pal of mine got in touch with me and we had a catch-up over beers.  When he told me that he needed a new set of Professional Headshots to help him with his plans for his music career, it was time to plan a shoot.

About This Musician Headshot Photography Case Study

Client: Edd Carr Professional Musician & Guitarist
Category: Professional Headshots
Project Objectives: To set Edd up with a set of Professional Headshots that he could use to further his music career and build up his Personal Brand.

Meet Edd Carr – Professional Guitarist

Edd has played the guitar for as far back as I can remember him in my school memories.  I think I can even recall him strumming out some complex Spanish piece.  Aged about 6, when we were in First school together.

Musician Memories

When I took up the saxophone in Middle School, some 5 years later, I became better friends with Edd.  We would be shuffled to the back of a very cold and frosty mobile when the school “orchestra” rehearsals would occur.  I was put there because the saxophone was very loud, and I’d likely frighten the more delicate Flute players up front.  Edd was there because he was so talented the teacher let him hang away from the rest of the strings.

High School

Moving on up into High School I sort of lost touch with Edd.  He went off to be much too cool compared to where I stayed in the school “band” (as it had been re-branded by then).  I can recall he was more involved in the more honest and “angsty” teen bands at that time.  The sort who got the headliner spot after the school band’s rendition of the Corrie Theme Tune (“For the Mam’s) or Sleigh Ride (At Christmas).  During this, I only ever had about four or five notes to play for the duration to keep the tempo going.  I guess I was far too preoccupied with teen vanity issues like “Is my hair straight enough?” or “Is my Rimmel lipstick smudging right now?”.

Musician Headshot Photography Location

3 months later, and 3-4 cancelled shoots later, we made the shoot happen.  Using the flat above a Guitar shop, where Edd carries out some of his private tuition, we had a good backdrop to shoot in.

Musician Headshot Photography Shoot

Edd was set with many different guitars and outfits, and I had fashioned my limited flashgun onto my home broom with trusty gaffer tape, to make a boom.  We referred to this throughout the session as the “Broom Boom”.

Here is more of a selection of the work of the day.

Relaxed Professional Headshots

As you will see, we had a chilled-out shoot.  I loved the easy pace of this kind of work, especially in comparison to the high-intensity compressed sessions I do with the clients as my Portraiture Studio part-timer.  It was important to Edd that we keep things real and honest.  So, there was no call for me to put Edd into any contrived poses.  Nor did we have to think over any subliminal narrative for the kind of musician he is or wants to be perceived as.

Edd simply played me a range of his music and songs we both like and we had a chat.  I took photos whilst this was happening.  I swore at my boom broom a fair bit and the dodgy sync cable for letting me down at times and Edd laughed at me.


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